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Tag Team Mashup: The Showoffs

It’s once again time for us to take a look at the world of the WWE and see what we can do to help spruce up a flagging and failing Tag Team Division. The tag division right now, if you have been following my blogs, have been very pathetic with only one or two dominant […]

Tag Team Mashup: The A-Listers

In some past blogs I have spoken about how the Tag Team Division of the WWE can right now be found a bit wanting. Right now we have about 7 (6 though until the Usos come back from injury) real tag teams in the main roster divisions and I think we need several more to […]

Tag Team Mashup: Exotic Express

So I am now starting my second installment of my Tag Team Mashups blog. Last time I brought to you a WWE/NXT/NXT Alumni mashup called the A-Listers with The Miz, Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas for a new Stable. Now just one added Tag Team won’t a Tag Division make so we still need a […]

State of the WWE Titles

As anyone who watches fighting sports knows there are always titles to hold and to hold a title means that you are the best at that moment in your sport. But what does a title mean in the world of Sports Entertainment? Is it any less because the outcomes of matches are predetermined? Can a […]

Quality/Quantity Tag Teams

While watching the WWE now a days, it makes me think back to the days of old when I was just a child and how different wrestling was back then. Back in the day, you could hit someone with a chair to the side or top of their head, but not anymore. When I was […]

Quality/Quantity Brock Lesnar

Quality/Quantity: Brock Lesnar A little while ago I started a Quality/Quantity post that focused on Tag Teams in the WWE. I am wanting this to be an ongoing series in my writing because quite honestly there are two areas where the WWE and even other major things seem to lack. We either end up with […]

John Cena a Heel?

I keep seeing a lot of people lately saying that John Cena has now gone heel because of what he did to Rusev a couple of RAW’s ago that will lead to a Wrestlemania match for the US Title. A lot of people are saying this new Cena is a horrible role model, these same […]

Give Divas a Chance

So I have a beef with the WWE. I quite enjoy their shows, but they keep saying to Give Divas a Chance! This has become a hashtag and people keep wanting to see what the Divas can do and to see them get the limelight they deserve. Yet with all the momentum behind this movement […]