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WWE Championship Fallout

Like many people, I sat at my home watching the WWE’s Summer Slam on the WWE Network. For the most part I was quite happy with the show; in fact, if you look at the blog I posted just moments before the event you’ll notice that I predicted all but two of the main matches […]

Quality/Quantity Brock Lesnar

Quality/Quantity: Brock Lesnar A little while ago I started a Quality/Quantity post that focused on Tag Teams in the WWE. I am wanting this to be an ongoing series in my writing because quite honestly there are two areas where the WWE and even other major things seem to lack. We either end up with […]

DWP Summer Slam Predictions

DWP SummerSlam Predictions Kickoff Show- RVD vs Cesaro- DWP Prediction is that RVD will put up a good fight but Cesaro comes out the victor, they have been trying to push him too much lately for a prime time loss. This could be what Cesaro needs to get back into the swing of things. UPDATE- […]