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Tag Team Mashup: The Showoffs

It’s once again time for us to take a look at the world of the WWE and see what we can do to help spruce up a flagging and failing Tag Team Division. The tag division right now, if you have been following my blogs, have been very pathetic with only one or two dominant […]

Tag Team Mashup: The A-Listers

In some past blogs I have spoken about how the Tag Team Division of the WWE can right now be found a bit wanting. Right now we have about 7 (6 though until the Usos come back from injury) real tag teams in the main roster divisions and I think we need several more to […]

Tag Team Mashup: Exotic Express

So I am now starting my second installment of my Tag Team Mashups blog. Last time I brought to you a WWE/NXT/NXT Alumni mashup called the A-Listers with The Miz, Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas for a new Stable. Now just one added Tag Team won’t a Tag Division make so we still need a […]