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Wrestlemania 32 Pre-Show Predictions

So Wrestlemania is upon us once more and the pre-show is in full swing in about a half an hour or so. This year there is about 6 or 7 hours of Wrestlemania all together if you take in all the Pre=show action which I would certainly accept as part of the main show considering […]

Quality/Quantity Tag Teams

While watching the WWE now a days, it makes me think back to the days of old when I was just a child and how different wrestling was back then. Back in the day, you could hit someone with a chair to the side or top of their head, but not anymore. When I was […]

DWP’s WWE TLC Predictions

In a few hours is the WWE Pay-Per-View known as Tables Ladders and CHairs (Oh my!). There are a lot of good matches set for tonight and as usual I am going to put my predictions on who I think will win. As you know sometimes I get pretty spot on and sometimes not so […]