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WWE Title Status pt 2

o shortly before Wrestlemania, I put out the first blog about my thoughts of the state of the WWE’s title belts. I looked at each belt and talked about why they have gone down the drain in my opinion over the years and what I thought they needed to do for them to make them […]

WXW X-Treme Christmas

Hey there all my fellow WXW fans! Here we are with the final blog of the year. For anyone in the Leesburg area please remember that WXW has a show in town on the 19th of December which is their last official show of the year. I unfortunately can’t go due to lack of a […]

WXW Samoan Cup Tag Tournament

On Saturday November 21st I made my first real outing since my kidney surgery in October and I couldn’t think of a better way to head back out into the world than by seeing the awesome wrestling shows that the WXW puts on each month. This month there was quite the special show going on […]

WXW Aftershock

I want to start this blog out by apologizing….my WXW blogs will be coming in a somewhat random order. I had a lot of life events filling in my time, and yet I had the notes for the old WXW’s for like 4 months before this one. I still have 3 more to write up […]

WWE New Blood

New Blood One thing that I am of two minds about in wrestling today is whether or not the WWE needs new blood on it’s roster. In some ways I want to say, yes, we definitely need new people, but then I look at the official Roster according to the WWE website and see that […]

WWE Finding Heroes Where?

So a few weeks back I posted a blog that said we needed to find some new Heroes in the WWE. A new DX or nWo needed to rise up and fight the Authority. At the time I wrote that the Authority was running rampant over the roster of the WWE because of the power […]

WWE Celebrity Look-A-Likes!

Have you ever just looked at someone and said “OMG that person looks just like….” Well my wife and I first did that when Damien Sandow came out as the Miz’s stunt double and Florida Georgia Line were on RAW.  We decided that the two members of the band could easily be Stunt Doubles for […]

Wrestlemania 32 Pre-Show Predictions

So Wrestlemania is upon us once more and the pre-show is in full swing in about a half an hour or so. This year there is about 6 or 7 hours of Wrestlemania all together if you take in all the Pre=show action which I would certainly accept as part of the main show considering […]