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Wrestlemania XXX Recap

Currently we are watching Wrestlemania XXX and this post is going to be a recap of what happens, as it happens. If you have not watched WMXXX and don’t want to see what happened until you get to watch it then STOP READING NOW!!! You have been warned!!! In the Pre-Show, we got to see […]

Wrestlemania 32 Pre-Show Predictions

So Wrestlemania is upon us once more and the pre-show is in full swing in about a half an hour or so. This year there is about 6 or 7 hours of Wrestlemania all together if you take in all the Pre=show action which I would certainly accept as part of the main show considering […]

Quality/Quantity Tag Teams

While watching the WWE now a days, it makes me think back to the days of old when I was just a child and how different wrestling was back then. Back in the day, you could hit someone with a chair to the side or top of their head, but not anymore. When I was […]