Tag Team Mashup: The A-Listers

In some past blogs I have spoken about how the Tag Team Division of the WWE can right now be found a bit wanting. Right now we have about 7 (6 though until the Usos come back from injury) real tag teams in the main roster divisions and I think we need several more to truly round out the tag division and make the title mean something again instead of seeing the same matches again and again and again. So I have decided to create a few new Tag Teams of some people that I think would go together perfectly. Some of these need some NXT’ers to come up to the main roster but thats fine since the WWE truly needs new blood coming up anyway before they become too stale. So my first little mashup is more of a stable than a tag team but thats ok with the New Day around this team could always take the gold and use the Freebirds rule just like New Day could.

Stable Name: The A-Listers

Members: The Miz, Tyler Breeze and Bo Dallas

 So first we have the Miz. This man has some good skills in the ring but has kinda been relegated to helping others get over by creating faces from people a lot of the fans used to hate. The Miz has a long standing reputation especially as of late to team up with someone and then mistreat them until they go and betray him earning their way into the hearts of fans everywhere. Take for instance Damian Mizdow who is on a major streak with the fans after months and months of torture as first the awesome stunt double for the Miz and then as his personal assistant. Miz used to be in the hunt for the Heavyweight Title however with going out to film smaller films for the WWE such as The Marine 4 and Santa’s Little Helper. Now the Miz who used to just say he was awesome has been taking to his movie stardom and not wanting to be hit in his money maker AKA his face. Some may think that this would make it almost impossible to work with him but next I’ll talk about Tyler Breeze from NXT and you’ll see that perhaps they have enough in common to become a great team.


nxt-takeover-tyler-breezeNext is Tyler Breeze, the Prince of Cuteville and nemesis of Uggos everywhere (and according to him we are ALL Uggos). Tyler is your stereotypical fashion model more impressed with himself than anything else around him. He has sung his own theme song, supposedly lives wherever the huge fashion trends are coming out of and has the annoying habit of coming to the ring taking continuous selfies! Like the Miz Tyler Breeze hates it when he is hit in the face as thats his money maker. Both of them have the sound of pictures being taken in their entrance music though in one case it’s from actual photographers and in the other it’s the paparazzi. In many ways Tylers style in ring and in his entrances and such reminds me of John Morrison who successfully teamed with Miz for almost 2 years. While Tylers style isn’t as high flying as Morrison just the fact that he reminds me of him would lend credit to the thinking that his style could mesh well with the Miz’s style of wrestling as well. Tyler Breeze has yet to pick up the NXT championship but I think if he stays down there long enough he’ll be due his run unless he comes up to the WWE before hand.

So now you may be asking where does the annoyingly buoyant and charismatic Bo Dallas fit into this duo to make a stable? Well that answers easy, Bo Dallas as the third member and Motivational Speaker could certainly become the Agent for the other two. Think like a manager in the WWE but with actual matches instead of just being at ringside. An Agent in real life is always trying to bolster the spirits of who they are working for so that they can get them more and more gigs and what better person to bolster the A-Listers spirits and try to book them than a Motivational Speaker like Bo Dallas that can get them to just Bo-Lieve in themselves!


This is just the first of hopefully several mashups I plan on posting so check back for more and sound off below on what you think would make a great new Tag Team in the world of the WWE!


Photos Courtesy of:

The Miz: wikia.com

Bo Dallas: bleacherreport.com

Tyler Breeze: Deviantart.net and realworldchamp.com


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