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WXW Tag Team Champions the New Breed Interview!

I have to admit that I have been enjoying my time at WXW a ton since we started going almost two years ago. So I am proud to say I now have an online interview to share with you with the newest WXW Tag Team Champions the NEW BREED! These guys are out having fun […]

WWE Title Status pt 2

o shortly before Wrestlemania, I put out the first blog about my thoughts of the state of the WWE’s title belts. I looked at each belt and talked about why they have gone down the drain in my opinion over the years and what I thought they needed to do for them to make them […]

Xyanya Tajanstve

Name: Xyanya Tajanstve Race: Togruta   Sex: Female Height: 5’4”    Weight: 98lbs Skin: Orange  Eyes: Blue Alliance: Rhydin Sith Academy Apprentice to Renor Pendragon   Xyanya had made her way to the training room for the days lessons and found her lightsabers on the ground dismantled. She scowled softly, such a tedious exercise she thought this […]

WXW X-Treme Christmas

Hey there all my fellow WXW fans! Here we are with the final blog of the year. For anyone in the Leesburg area please remember that WXW has a show in town on the 19th of December which is their last official show of the year. I unfortunately can’t go due to lack of a […]

WXW Samoan Cup Tag Tournament

On Saturday November 21st I made my first real outing since my kidney surgery in October and I couldn’t think of a better way to head back out into the world than by seeing the awesome wrestling shows that the WXW puts on each month. This month there was quite the special show going on […]

WXW Aftershock

I want to start this blog out by apologizing….my WXW blogs will be coming in a somewhat random order. I had a lot of life events filling in my time, and yet I had the notes for the old WXW’s for like 4 months before this one. I still have 3 more to write up […]