Xyanya Tajanstve


Name: Xyanya Tajanstve
Race: Togruta   Sex: Female
Height: 5’4”    Weight: 98lbs
Skin: Orange  Eyes: Blue
Alliance: Rhydin Sith Academy
Apprentice to Renor Pendragon


Xyanya had made her way to the training room for the days lessons and found her lightsabers on the ground dismantled. She scowled softly, such a tedious exercise she thought this was but she knew she had to do this. A Sith must always be able to reconstruct their weapon at a moments notice just in case. Looking around she noticed her master was not in the training room however and she went to the com panel in the room to call him.


“I am sorry Lady Xyanya but Master Renor is out on business today and will not be back until later. He said to let you know your exercises for today are on a compad near your lightsaber and that he will call upon you later this evening for dinner.” Came the voice of one of the houses protocol droids.

She didn’t bother with answering it just turned off the com and moved to the center table where the lightaber parts were scattered and picked up the more portable compad there. It seemed from the instructions there it was to be an easy day. Some mental and physical exercises but nothing too strenuous. She gave a soft laugh, an easy day, as if there were any easy days as a Sith apprentice. No there had to be a trick here somewhere but for now she wasn’t able to see it. The compad said she was to use the force alone to rebuild her sabers, nothing she hadn’t already done a hundred times before.

1c54e96ccd_96106449_o2She set out several candles and lit them and then moved all the parts with a gentle lifting of the force to the floor cataloguing them in her mind as she did so. Well everything was there for them both. She sat down cross legged on the floor and closed her eyes reaching out with her sense to the parts before her. Within moments they had arisen and began to float around her. She began to make quick work of the job the work simple enough that her mind started to drift to the past as it often did. Specifically to ten years ago when her master had found her and saved her and showed her the power of the Dark Side of the Force.

She had been just a youngling then no more than 8 years old. She had been very well loved in her village though looking back on it the village itself was a sham. Her species the Togruta were adept hunters and came from a warrior society so for them to make settlements that were pacifist settlements just seemed stupid to her now. As a child though she never questioned it, now she saw it had made them a target. Many in the town thought she may be force sensitive and there was even rumblings of the Jedi coming out to test her but before that could ever happen the Hutts came along. Trandoshan slavers had teamed up with some Arcona salt smugglers to take down this peaceful enclave of Togruta because their colony was in a prime shipping lane.

Silently the door behind Xyanya whispered open and a clawed hand snaked in to slowly push it further as she was lost in her memories a frown appearing on her full sensual lips.

The arcona had kept the planet and let the Trandoshans sell their new slaves to the highest bidders. In this case a small time Hutt lord named Grashal. Grashal was interested in the Togruta because he figured with the proper motivation even these pacifists could be made into fighters, bodyguards for his estates. The conditioning was harsh especially on a young  8 year old girl.


Several Trandoshan slunk silently into the room their lizard like tongues tasting the air around them as they moved to surround the girl sitting on the floor.

Torture….especially to the children to motivate the parents….

One of the Trandoshan flicked the switch to the stunner in his hand turning it on just as the last components to the lightsabers clicked into place and they completed sabers moved to hover before Xyanyas closed eyes.

Until one day it all changed, screams filled the air as the man walked b2249f0f73703edf57b7aa97b26a4672through the grand hallways of the Hutts palace and made his way towards where the captives were kept.

Screams filled the air as Xyanya burst to her feet using the force to flip up and out of the middle of the circle her eyes only just opening as she flicked out her wrists sending her lightsabers now humming with life in two different directions to skewer two opponents. As she landed on the ground she thrust out one hand to push another attacker off of his feet while willing one of her lightsabers to rip from the person it had stabbed into and return to her hand. This lightsaber had barely gotten to her hand before it was flicked to the left slicing the arm off of another attacked as she then willed the other saber back to her free hand and clipped it to her belt surveying the attackers that were left.

She had seen him then coming in amongst the Hutts slavers and cronies a twin bladed lightsaber red as blood flashing around him bathing him in a red menacing glow. Though he looked like a demon with his flowing robes and gasmask like mask to her he was an avenging angel as he cut down those that had tormented her and her family.

Four attackers still stood and slowly circled her each now carrying an activated stun club tough they all seemed nervous. Perhaps they had not known at first she was sith, maybe they had mistaken her for a pathetic Jedi. She looked at the few lizardmen on the floor and smiled seeing the first two stabbed through the hearts, one laying on the ground spine bent in several places it shouldn’t from the force of her force push slamming him against the wall and one on the floor clutching a cauterized stump.

The man had moved swiftly and surely through the guards cutting down any foolish enough to even try and stand in his way. He butchered them all without a thought until he came to stand before the youngling and look down upon her. She stood her ground staring back up at the man as he gave a soft laugh and reached out his free hand to caress her montrail and lekku.

“You are a brave little one. You’ll do nicely. Now come.”

He turned and walked away and she followed him without question somehow sensing he wouldn’t answer her even if she spoke up.

She watched the attackers and when the first one twitched she sprang into action whirling around sliding her loose brown sith robes off of herab4354d0644c04481fa88eed240758bd bod and with a push of the force and a twist with her mind tangled the first assailant up in the robes leaving her in just a simple black body stocking that left nothing about her dancer like curves to their imaginations, her lithe body spun around the trapped assailant and she gave a small push in the force to send him tripping up a second one. She used her movements to get close to a third who was raising his stun rod with two clean swipes his arms fell to the ground and with a pirouette she was facing away from him stabbing backwards and skewering his heart. She kicked backwards sending his body flying as she flipped the lightsaber forward flinging it end over end to decapitate the one she had sliced the arm off of earlier. The saber stuck to the wall point first as until she let go of the gentle force that was required to keep the safety pressed down during a throw attack and the saber fell to the floor unlit. She drew her other saber and smiled savagely.

3515898-star_wars___exar_kun_by_graysun_d-d47zm1zThe young girl she was saw many horrors that day as her new master led her outside to his ship where Grashal waited trembling. His fat slugs body jiggling like a pool of slime as he screamed at her dark savior. He stopped her a few feet away from the sluglike Hutt and knelt down beside her placing his hands upon her shoulders after taking off his helmet to reveal a handsome human beneath.

“What is your name girl?”

“Xyanya” came her soft reply

“You are a very special young lady Xyanya, news of you traveled far to me and so I have come to take you from this. The way I travel will not be easy but I promise I will give you such power that slime like this can never do this to you again. Would you like that Xyanya?”

Flipping on the other saber the familiar hum and the soothing red light filled her ears and vision. She moved forward almost faster than the eye could detect and the lightsaber was buried hilt deep into the stomach of the last assailant as she pressed close to him. She gave him a soft kiss on his cheek as his head laid down onto her shoulder and then she spun slicing upwards and dividing him neatly in half. By this time the one that had just been knocked over had scrambled to his feet and was trying to make his way to the door. She shut off her saber and clipped it to her belt as she gestured to the Transdoshan and the force took hold of him stopping him from progressing. She used the force to turn him and then curled her hand as though choking him. He began to gag and then foam from the mouth. With a twist of her hand to the side the snapping of his neck was very clearly heard through the room.

The man smiled to her as she nodded her head yes. She had been so scared and these men had hurt her and her family and she never wanted this to happen again.

“That’s a good girl. The first step to your freedom is upon you Xyanya.” With saying this he placed a small blaster in her hand. A simple sporting pistol a young girl might use in tournament, not all that powerful but then again at close range it didn’t need to be powerful to do the job it was made for.

She took the blaster and looked at it her hand trembling slightly. She knew what this weapon could do, she had seen it used upon her own family. Her own brother was dead because of such a weapon.

“Xyanya if you wish me to teach you, to give you power you have but to reach out and take it. Your first step is to remember what this Hutt has caused your family, remember the pain he has caused you. Take that hurt, that anger and use it. Use the blaster on the Hutt and imagine all of your hate and pain focusing through each blast. Can you do that?”

She was able to all right. She turned to the Hutt and tears stung her eyes as she thought of all that had been done to her. The death of her brother, the days without food or water, the hands that grabbed her, struck her, bruised her. The cruel voices that laughed as she was hurt and promised her things that she was too young to understand but knew were not good for one her age to experience at the hands of a rough older alien. She thought of all this and she squeezed the trigger again and again pouring bolt after bolt of laser energy into the body of the Hutt. He only screamed for a second but she didn’t know as she emptied the blaster into him again and again her own scream echoing in her ears.

She wasn’t even winded as she moved to pick up her one fallen saber. She sensed the movement behind her as the last assailant untangled himself from her robesahsoka_tano_24_years_old_by_theforce2011-d4e1obe_zpsapdfpr2j but she made no move to look at him yet. Instead she looked to the side where one of the others laid. She scowled and her normally ice cold blue eyes seemed to be rimmed in yellow and red veins.

“Always you damned lizards.” She said coldly finally looking to the last one that was now rushing at her.

She held up her hand and a flash of sith lightening sparked forth slamming into the chest of the Trandoashan and sending it flying backwards. She turned fully towards it now and flung her hand out once more to hit it with more crackling bolts as the stench of burnt scales and ozone filled the room. Again and again she lashed out with the lightening long after the lizardman was dead. Finally she felt two arms wrap around her from behind and she stiffened, how could she have been so careless? But before she could turn she heard the voice as though from the memory of when the Hutts body fell and the powerless blaster was taken from her. The words then were the same as those now, the voice deep and rich, a voice she had grown to love over the years even through her harsh lessons. She relaxed back against the man who had rescued her those many years ago, she leaned back against the man who had taken her on as his student and who had eventually became her lover and her eyes closed with pleasure as his voice whispered the same words now they had so many years ago this time a smoldering wreck of Trandoshan littering the floor instead of a smoldering wreck of a Hutt.

“Very good Xyanya but you can stop now”

“Yes Master.” Came her soft reply.

“So are we ready for dinner then?”

She would laugh at him but he took her arm and led her out of the room before she could make a move to get her robes. His one hand sliding possessively around her waist as he whispered in her ear.

“The chef has promised a very special treat tonight, after all today is the anniversary of when you came into my life.”

She stopped walking and looked back at the room that droids were already cleaning up. She had forgotten that it was today 10 years ago that he had rescued her. She thought of the attackers, the same race that had sold her family to the Hutt and she smiled knowing now how they had gotten into the house. Such a wonderful present they had been. She gently wrapped her arms around her love and whispered softly to him.

“Thank you master…for everything!”

(Character pics are just for you the reader to see something similar to what she looks like….we do not claim any copywrite over any of the pictures nor any ownership over such. The character storyline is mostly created by Amanda Gayle and the character is played by Amanda Gayle. Renor Pendragons char is completely his ownership and copywrite.)

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