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WWE Finding Heroes Where?

So a few weeks back I posted a blog that said we needed to find some new Heroes in the WWE. A new DX or nWo needed to rise up and fight the Authority. At the time I wrote that the Authority was running rampant over the roster of the WWE because of the power […]

ATG Comic Review: Invincible Ironman #600

So welcome back everyone to the next installment of the All Things Geek Comic Review, and boy do we have a doozy for you this week! I do want to take a brief stop here though and put in a personal shout out congrats to the Pre-School class of Wyomina Elementary here in Ocala! Congrats […]

Draxis Comic Review Black Bolt #1

Welcome back to the second installment of our new All Things Geek Comic Review! We have already done one for Jean Grey Issue 1, and now we move on from Mutant to Inhumans, from the Genetic Freaks to those that have a ticking time bomb in their DNA left by aliens and who are left […]