WXW Aftershock

I want to start this blog out by apologizing….my WXW blogs will be coming in a somewhat random order. I had a lot of life events filling in my time, and yet I had the notes for the old WXW’s for like 4 months before this one. I still have 3 more to write up after this one! So now another quick word before we get started…

CONGRATS to WXW star SEAN MALUUUUUUUUUUTA. You got a shot at the big leagues I would think with getting into the WWE Cruiserweight Classic Tournament! I see nothing but good things ahead for you my friend. You always say “All Eyes On Me” and now they will be. So open up the flight school and teach these others how to fly. All of the DWP family will be rooting for you!

Getting to the matches for the Aftershock show, we start off with the ever lovely Ferrari coming out to announce the first match of the night- a fun team up of Devin Abrams, the man who has given Ace a run for his money recently, and the ever fun and energetic Nate Fury. This team up of two newcomers to the ring is a good pairing with some good energy. Next into the ring were Vertigo and Raziel the Deathdealer, they have now officially teamed up in the WXW as team Bad Intentions, which is exactly what they had for Devin and Nate. Devin and Nate gave a good match and kept the energy high and gave a good show for a couple of guys that are relatively new to the ring wrestling wise; however, it really wasn’t enough to overcome the veteran power and ring awareness of Bad Intentions. Devin and Nate were able to give them a run for their money in the beginning, but Vertigo and Raziel kept turning the tide to their side until they took in the win. It was a very energetic and great start for the night.

Next Sean Maluta came to the ring to announce yet another open challenge for his TV Title. After waiting a moment who should come out but Bryan Richards. We haven’t seen him in action as a manager or in the ring for a long time and seeing the evil cuss again was great! Anyway Richards got up on the ring apron and asked if it was truly open? Could anyone join in on the fun such as the lady running concessions, or the little girl in the audience or even himself. Maluta laughed at this but then dropped the belt and said yeah he could join in on it just because Maluta felt like kicking his ass again and he started towards Richards who dropped off the ring and started to backpedal around it away from Maluta. Once they got around in front of the camera area someone appeared behind Maluta….I can only assume he had been waiting under the ring since before we were allowed in. The guy was huge and dressed in what looked like an orange prison uniform and was handcuffed. Richards went and undid the cuffs and the new guy, whose name is Deathrow Jethrow, started to land into Maluta. He slammed the TV Champ into the stairs and the guardrails and the ring and there wasn’t much Maluta could do about it considering how he had been taken by surprise. Eventually Deathrow got Maluta into the ring and lined him up in the corner and climbed the turnbuckles. Once on top he gave a few bounces for height and then spun in midair to come down elbow first on top of Maluta’s chest. The first hit looked savage, the next 2 or 3 he did of the same didn’t look any less gruesome. Eventually, WXW Security got in the ring and dragged Jethrow out of the ring and then out of the building. Before much else could happen, a single Ref came running out as did Brian Rubright (RUB-Right) and his client Frankie Burbank. Frankie would jump atop Maluta and Rubright would yell at the ref to do a three count. The Ref counted and Frankie Burbank is now the new TV Champ. Considering no match was agreed to on Sean’s part with Frankie I don’t see how this can happen but it did. Anyway, a bunch of people refs and even Lynn Anoa’i came rushing the ring to check on Sean as Frankie celebrates his “win”. Sean was helped out of the ring and we were told later that night that he had a bruised rib. This is good as with his motionlessness in the ring and the look of pain on his face when touched in the rib area we were afraid it may have been broken.

After Ferrari came out to tell us that they would be taking a brief intermission to check on Sean’s health, they continued the show with Nathan Vain against Alexander Page. We hadn’t seen Nathan for a long time as he had just returned this last show after he had been banned for a while due to a brawl during intermission with Irish Jack and D Ramos. Ramos came back, Jack and Nathan disappeared. Nathan has finally returned much to my delight as he was always one of my favorites and to make matters even more interesting since his return he seems to be on his own. No Prophecy has been there to back him up. Personally the Prophecy has always kinda confused me but lately they seem to have just evaporated. Ushaka has not been seen for a while, Rojas has been coming out without them recently and we have even seen Regina in promo’s talking with Sweet Rhythm as though friends which I don’t think could really happen if she still had Alex G in her corner. The Samoan Hawaiian Island Tribe teamed up with Alex G but he hasn’t really been with them since Extreme War so I don’t know if he has any control over these Modern Day Savages or not. Perhaps this would be a good time for Nathan to take over like I thought would be good in the first place and grab up Wildman and bring back Callista and maybe even take on Gemini when she comes into the WXW. In my mind considering how I first saw Prophecy I always thought it should have been a supernatural/dark type of stable and this could be the chance to make it that.

Anyway back to the action. Alexander Page took control pretty early in the match and kept the match nice and short. Nathan just doesn’t seem up to power yet or something. Perhaps the time away from the ring has kept him from the power he enjoys but for the most part Alexander had control though Nathan did try to fire back several times but to no avail. Alexander Page picked up the win and then as he left the ring Nathan did an undertaker like sit up. I hope he comes back to his power soon as I would like to see him chase after the Hardcore Championship again!

Next we saw ERA defending his newly won Cruiserweight championship against the returning challenger Jorel Ganzy. Jorel had just lost this to ERA last show to put him down to just the Hardcore title again. The match started out great the two men battling back and forth giving it their all but then things started to swing Jorels way as ERA became distracted. What distracted him so much was that Wildman Rojas came to ringside and kept picking up and fondling the title. Ths kept ERA focusing on the title and ROjas instead of the man that was in the ring with him which ended up leading to Jorel once again winning the Cruiserweight title and holding two titles yet again.

And now your intermission *Cue Cheesy Music*

During intermission we got to as usual talk to some of the wrestlers and see them fooling around with and talking to some of the other guests to the show. As I will be mentioning in a coming blog that is a prequel blog to this the New Breed has been getting a lot of heat from the fans but they are awesome guys who truly like connecting with the fans during the beginning and midpoints of each night. Watching these guys work the crowds brings a smile to me every time and I can’t wait to get a New Breed shirt! The way they work with the audience is one of the same things that first drew me to the Sweet Rhythm as well…to see guys that care so much about those that come to see the show is one thing that will make me a die hard fan of a team or individual and these guys certainly have that little something.  Anyway speaking of the New Breed, I ended up using the restroom and when I came out one of the other people that we see there every month comes up to me and is like “Hey did you hear what Happened to New Breed?” and then went on to tell me the story of how the Modern Day Savages laid out New Breed during intermission. I must have missed this happening by maybe 2 minutes if that as I had just been outside right before heading to the restroom. In fact we didn’t know it yet but the MDS had also done something to the team Fun Size as well and here is the video of what went down that day.


Once intermission was done we got to see Rocky once again go up against Dynamite Didi. Last month was a bit disturbing to watch as Didi came back and went against Rocky only to viciously attack her after the match when she lost. The thing that was most disturbing about this is normally when someone starts a heel turn like this, the crowd will let them know they are in the wrong, but Didi has such a following from being the face for so long that the crowd was chanting her name during it. So now this match because vicious right at the start as you may imagine with Rocky feeling betrayed and Didi still after the championship. These two went at it like you wouldn’t believe really tearing the house down and leaving it all in the ring until that is near the end when the match spilled to the floor and the Ref started his ten count. Didi made it into the ring before 10 but Rocky didn’t. So Didi won the match but still did not get the title back. Once that was announced Didi lost it yet again tossing Rocky back into the ring and attacking her viciously once again. Eventually some Refs and even Lynn Anoa’i came out to restore order and get Didi out of there. Between having to run out to check on Sean, the mess at intermission and now this…well let’s just say Lynn was not looking very happy as she yelled at Didi to get out of the ring and to the back. Didi…well she was having some sort of fit the entire way back to the office area where she slammed the door with a loud scream.

Next we saw a #1 contender’s match for the Heavyweight title between the Beast and Nick Nero. There was a stipulation in this match that the Beast could NOT use his spear or else he would lose the match. At ringside sitting and watching (not the best place with it being inside the barricades) was Jaxen Blade and Angelina Cruz. The match started out fast enough with Nick Nero targeting the chest and shoulder of Beast as he had attacked that the previous show outside. Beast started to do a spear but the Ref stopped him reminding him what would happen if he were to use it in this match. Beast and Nero end up outside of the ring and Nero gets tossed into Jaxen Blade. The match moves back into the ring but Jaxen standing gets up on the apron. The Ref went to Jaxen to yell at him to get down and while he did that Beast speared the hell out of Nick Nero. The Ref turned to see Beast going for a pin and counted the 3 count. Jaxen got into the ring and held up the title and got into Beasts face (never the smartest of moves if you ask me) and then turned his back on the Beast to show his title to the crowd. Once Jaxen turned back around, Beast speared him in half as well. With that beastly grin on his face, Beast left the ring while the refs cleaned up the carnage.

introduce the NuYoRicanz and out they come laughing that no one else is there. At this point the Modern Day Savages come in and demand to be let into the building but the already overworked for the night staff/security members were holding them back. Finally Sugaa comes out in his role as Co-Commissioner and says fine you guys wanna fight then get in the ring! So Ati and Aleki rush the ring and start going at it with the NuYoRicanz. The MDS had the Ricanz in the corner and tried to whip them across the ring into each other but that got turned around. The MDS slammed into each other and then rolled form the ring to recollect themselves. As they got into the ring and the brawl restarted, the New Breed finally showed up a little worse for wear but got in on the action and started pummeling the MDS and anyone else that got in their way. The MDS and NuYoRicanz held their ground though as things got a bit more confusing as Fun Size entered the fray out of nowhere. At one point everyone was fighting on the outside except for the NuYoRicanz and at that point Ramos grabbed his partner up in the beginning of a cross powerbomb and then tossed him outside the ring like a missile to take down everyone out there (Kinda how Big Cass tosses around Enzo….who knows maybe it’s a New York thing) Everyone ended up back in the ring with Fun Size making a few surprising moves out of nowhere and putting down one of their competition and thus winning the title……for a whole about 2 seconds.  Sugaa’s music hits again and the Comish comes out yet again and looks around at all of the insanity. The NuYoRicanz are yelling because they lost their titles, New Breed is yelling because of MDS beating them up. MDS is yelling wondering where Fun Size came from. Fun Size……well they are just getting ready to party after having won the titles. Sugaa however cut their party short by taking the titles from them and saying that the titles are now being held by the WXW and that next show there would be a match for them. When asked why he was doing things this way he said it was because it was the only fair thing…Fun Size won the titles BUT they had not been there at the start of the match so weren’t technically in it anymore…..someone who has forfeited cannot then win said titles in the same match. So next show there will be a Fatal Four Way for the titles along with some sort of special stipulation to be revealed later.

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