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WXW Tag Team Champions the New Breed Interview!

I have to admit that I have been enjoying my time at WXW a ton since we started going almost two years ago. So I am proud to say I now have an online interview to share with you with the newest WXW Tag Team Champions the NEW BREED! These guys are out having fun […]

WXW Samoan Cup Tag Tournament

On Saturday November 21st I made my first real outing since my kidney surgery in October and I couldn’t think of a better way to head back out into the world than by seeing the awesome wrestling shows that the WXW puts on each month. This month there was quite the special show going on […]

WXW Aftershock

I want to start this blog out by apologizing….my WXW blogs will be coming in a somewhat random order. I had a lot of life events filling in my time, and yet I had the notes for the old WXW’s for like 4 months before this one. I still have 3 more to write up […]

Why I Watch Wrestling

So I get to know a lot of people online and in real life and eventually it comes up that I will be away for a weekend so that I can go to a local wrestling event or be staying at home watching a WWE Pay-Per-View. Now for you guys this isn’t a shocking thing […]

Where have all the good managers gone?

Recently I have been doing a lot of watching of the old school WCW Monday Nitro shows on the WWE Network (only 9.99 a month!!!). I have been enjoying watching these old matches but I started to realize something this past week while watching. Where have all the Managers gone? What’s become of the colorful […]

Interview with WXW Wrestler Jaxen Blade

Last month we witnessed the return of Sean Maluta to the WXW after a short absence to take part in the WWE’s Cruiser Weight Classic Tournament. During that time we saw Maluta take advantage of an open call out to the WXW roster by then champion Jaxen Blade and come out to take the WXW Heavyweight […]

DWP’s Opinion on WXW’s Team Xtreme

So, as you may know if you have read my previous blogs, I am a huge fan of the WXW Nation. I call many of the wrestlers and fans friends. I know I haven’t written about them lately but that’s because due to illness I have missed most of the shows this year so far. […]

A look at WXW Training

As I have said many times in many different ways I do love the men and women of the WXW Family. I hate to harp on the fact of my cancer diagnosis but I did notice interesting things during it. One of the things I noticed was that a lot of people who used to […]