WWE Finding Heroes Where?

So a few weeks back I posted a blog that said we needed to find some new Heroes in the WWE. A new DX or nWo needed to rise up and fight the Authority. At the time I wrote that the Authority was running rampant over the roster of the WWE because of the power Triple H has as COO of the WWE and the power his wife Stephanie has as Principal Share Holder. Helping them with this though has been the power of Kain as Director of Operations, Brad Maddox the butt kissing GM of RAW and his counterpart on Smackdown Vickie Guerrero who has lost all real power she used to have as her brown nosing almost puts Maddox to shame. Add these power players together and then give them the strength of the Shield, Rybaxel, The New Age Outlaws, Randy Orton and any number of other “Heel” superstars that want to get in good with management and it seems an almost insurmountable task for the good guys to ever get ahead.

However it seems with so many conflicting personalities it was inevitable that someone in this huge Ego laden group would snap and rebel against the others. The incredible thing is who it is that’s emerging as the Hero in this story now. You see for the first time since they have come to the WWE the Shield has started to live up to their names as the Hounds of Justice and are now going after the Authority. This to me has been a very odd turn of events as the Shield has been nothing but bullies and mercenaries working for the highest bidder since they first came to the WWE just over a year ago. For the longest time the Shield has been the Authorities thugs but a few weeks back Kane and the Shield had a bit of a falling out. Since then the Shield has decided that they would rather fight against the Authority than take their orders.


For a bit I as well as others thought that the Shield was going to split as a wedge was being driven between Roman Reigns who seems to be the Breakout star of the Shield and Dean Ambrose whose oddities just seem to get worse each week. Seth Rollins however stepped in and sacrificed himself to bring Reigns and Ambrose back onto the same page. Seth actually walked out on them and then told them why in the middle of the ring and let them take their frustrations out on him. Since then the team has seemed to be working as a cohesive unit once again.

However now that the Shield has started to think on their own and are in the middle of a huge Face turn in the minds of fans it has forced Triple H to do something drastic. Somehow he has convinced Randy Orton and Dave Batista to work together against the Shield now instead of continuing their fight for the WWE Championship. There is such a change here that now at Extreme Rules tomorrow it is Kane against Daniel Bryan for the Title and neither Orton or Batista has said a word against it. It seems that the reformation of Evolution has devolved their goals for the moment. Not only have these two given up on their shared goal that seemed to be the only thing that mattered to them but just this past week their last member Rick Flair showed up. However Flair surprised
everyone with some loaded words for the Trio of Evolutionand then calmly shook the hands of the Shield after making a speech about a force that dominates in the WWE. Seems to me that he has passed the torch so to speak to the Shield and I am waiting eagerly for Extreme Rules to see if they take down Evolution.

It seems odd to be rooting for the Shield now but I find that I will take my Heroes wherever I can find them. If they (Ambrose) can get over their bad attitudes I think I could really like the Shield and so I hope they keep to their Face turn and become the Heroes that we want and the Heroes that we deserve.


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