Interview with WXW’s Sugaa

As you may have read in our WXW 20th Anniversary Blog at the end of the night Sugaa took over the company and smacked Afa the Wild Samoan. Not knowing this was going to be happening that night we had asked Sugaa if he wanted to be part of our WXW Interview series that night and he had said yes. (Here is a video refresher)

After all that happened I asked Sugaa if he still wished to do such and he said he still did so without further ado here is our interview with SUGAA! (Who we lovingly call Splendaa the Pretendaa.)

Kevin-You mentioned at the 20th Anniversary show that you have been around since day 1 of the WXW was WXW your first wrestling home or was there something before this?

Sugaa-  I was trained by Afa the Wild Samoan. And I worked with him and other companies he was affiliated with before he started My WXW.

Kevin- You have been with the WXW in one form or another for 20 years and most recently except for that little thing with Ricky Santana you have been the sweetheart of WXW here in Florida from what I know of you…so can you tell us…Why Sugaa? Why turn on Afa now after all this time?

Sugaa- Refer to my interview with Chris Russo after I broke the arm of Ricky Santana. It says everything there. Sometimes you have to pick your moments to handle business. I picked the greatest moment to make the biggest statement in the history of My WXW.

Kevin- We just happen to have a link to that interview so lets cut to the video so everyone can be refreshed on what you had said then!

Kevin- Listening to this again I can’t help but notice the moment Chris asks “When does it stop?” And your reply was “It doesn’t. One thing you don’t realize about me is that I am a very patient man…” Perhaps it was foolish of us to forget this and think that the feud was over or that it wouldn’t escalate to Afa from where it was at….

Kevin- Why turn on the Anoa’i family? What prompted this sudden move and how long has this plan been in the works?

Sugaa-  This has been cooking for years. One thing about me is, I can be very patient when I want something bad enough. I am the greatest thing to ever step foot in WXW… Excuse me.  My WXW.

Kevin- Do you have a message for Afa and his family that you would like this interview to carry to them?

Sugaa- WXW is now relevant because of me, and only me. Afa should be down on his knees thanking me for only slapping the taste out of his mouth. It could’ve been much worse for him and his not so lovely family.

Kevin- Do you have any message for the fans as to where you plan on taking WXW should you stay in control?

Sugaa- Just wait. I’m just getting started… I’m having fun sitting back and listening to everyone run their mouthes about what they think they are going to do to me. Give me some credit. Every move I make is calculated. So all i can say to the fans of My WXW…. JUST WATCH… (Wink wink)….

Kevin- How do you plan on keeping the locker room in line and working for you instead of against you? If you haven’t noticed both heels and faces are calling for your blood!

Sugaa-  I am the boss and you don’t cross the boss. I hold their futures in my hands… It’s amazing how much power I have.  I understand these morons are upset. They never met a game changer like me.  I’m a man who is righteous in all that I do. That being said, I don’t care what the locker room thinks or feels. They will do what I tell them to.


Kevin- What do you say to those fans now calling you Splendaa the Pretendaa instead of Sugaa (Yes I have seen that going around, no really I have)?

Sugaa- The fans should be calling me Mr. Sugaa, or My new name Mr. Dundidit.
The greatest owner WXW has ever seen.

Kevin- Last but not least can you tell me where you might be hiding? I promise not to tell the WXW roster!

Sugaa- Im in my skin. And I’m gonna be where I’m at….. But on Oct 15th…I’ll be in Minneola… Get your tickets early…

Kevin- Thank you for your time Sugaa, we’ll see you at Monsters Ball! I hope to have a new Sign for you!

Sorry guys I tried to find him for you. Anyway looking back at things especially listening to that year old video it seems we all should have seen this coming. Unfortunately we were all too hung up on how he used to be a hero to us all and we wanted him to be that again after the mess with Ricky Santana. This ones on all of us for not remembering his words and proves to us that words should be taken very seriously in life for you never know when they will come back to bite you in the ass for ignoring or forgetting them.

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