DWP’s Opinion on WXW’s Team Xtreme

So, as you may know if you have read my previous blogs, I am a huge fan of the WXW Nation. I call many of the wrestlers and fans friends. I know I haven’t written about them lately but that’s because due to illness I have missed most of the shows this year so far. So hopefully this next weekend I’ll get to go and see them once more and bring to you the pictures and a playback of their wonderful show. However, even though I have not been there lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching what happens on Youtube and reading about things on facebook and I have to admit there is one MAJOR story going on right now that I just can’t get behind.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than a good Invasion Story Line…a good takeover from without or within. I mean look at nWo they were awesome until they grew too big to support themselves and they made sense. Two guys who just defected from WWE going to the competition to take them over and then finding a leader in everyone’s favorite hero who turns on the crowds. Right now we have a bit of that in WXW with a faction known as Team XTreme. If you have read my prior blogs you’ll know of when Sugaa turned on WXW Commissioner Ricky Santana, you’ll also know of when Sugaa redeemed himself just to turn on WXW again and lead a revolt. Well guess what- that revolt failed but Sugaa still isn’t done trying and so he has revived Team Xtreme to take on Afa for control of the WXW.

Good Invasion Stories need to have a few things to really work…some sort of outsiders or someone that can be perceived as outsiders to go against the establishment, or an establishment that is corrupt and needs to be fought against by inside heroes (i.e. Bullet Club vs NJPW and DX vs Vince McMahon). So far, what I am seeing with Team Xtreme is all the downfalls of the Bullet Club, nWo and DX rolled into one and none of the real good stuff. I plan on breaking this down and showing you exactly what I mean. So what is happening with Team Xtreme

  1. Fan Favorite Gone Bad- So we have Sugaa leading the team against Afa and WXW so there’s your fan fave gone bad, but wait there’s more! Fan fave Tag Team (ex-tag champs) New Breed have gone bad! Oh wait WXW Champ (several time ex tag champ) Mr NYR D Ramos has gone bad! That’s not all WXW Hall of Famer and Womens Champ Mercedies Martinez has joined the Dark Side (now I don’t know if this is typical of her since she is new to me but still she’s a fan fave when she is around), Tony Ice stood up to them but then gave in very easily to peer pressure and hooked up with them and a lot of fans love him (especially young ladies ::shivers:: ). So as you can see we more than have this covered, which is very disappointing to the fans to lose all of their favorites to cheer for.
  2. # of Members- in my opinion DX did it right by keeping things low with 5 at the highest point (with maybe one or two special guests like Mike Tyson), Bullet Club is stretching it I think with 11 but they play through several promotions so they are a bit more spread out. Where I think nWo failed is that they opened it to almost everyone and eventually the original casting had 28 members in it! That’s a Royal Rumble all on its own! So now we come to WXW and Team Xtreme with a total of 9 members, 10 if you count the pet Ref. All in all that doesn’t sound too, bad but unlike Bullet Club, they aren’t spread through 3 or 4 promotions and unlike some of these other promotions if you look up the WXW Wrestler roster, it only lists 30 wrestlers online so we are seeing one faction with 1/3rd of the roster in their main incarnation. Plus they have some members of the locker room who are just hangers on trying to be in good with the group. All in all I would say Team Xtreme fields half the locker room on a good day or at least just short of it. Right now they are dangerously close to oversaturation like the nWo eventually became. I see this as a major disadvantage to the story and to the wrestlers.
  3. Tactics- This is one of my HUGE sticking points with the new Team Xtreme. nWo used every dirty tactic imaginable, it was expected. Bullet Club uses dirty tactics…its expected. Hell even DX/NAO used dirty tactics in the beginning though they seemed clean compared to the nWo. The thing is the more popular the group the less dirty tactics it seemed to need, DX being the most popular I think used the least, nWo needing the biggest push had the worst with pack like attacks and crooked refs. Team Xtreme uses the pack like attacks and the crooked Refs both just like nWo. The reason I hate this so much with Xtreme though is simple- NONE OF THEM NEED THIS! Team Xtreme is more like the DX in their makeup of heroes turned anti-establishment. Now while no one would ever compare the wonderful Afa to the evil Mr McMahon of the attitude era that’s exactly the type of Story we have brewing here, a bunch of stars who think they are being screwed by management and Sugaa offers them greener pastures. That right there is a great basis and it should be left there but instead because they have turned on WXW they are now using heel tactics ALL of them. Back in the day we had heel group the prophecy in the WXW but they have all left for the most part and their trick of wolf pack like attacks left with them till now. Sugaa during his first takeover of the company kept a pet Ref and now that he is trying again he has another pet Ref but let’s take a look at some of his people.
  4. D Ramos- This may be the one that hurts me the most. You all have seen the pic of me and D Ramos after he won the Tag Championships with Irish Jack. This man is a multi-time WXW Champ, this man is a multi-time WXW Tag Champ. This man is a man who, when I was going through hard time with Chemo and fighting Cancer, took a moment before his match that got him the championship to get down off the ring and come and shake my hand. This man told me that that match was dedicated to me and that he hoped it would inspire my fight. I took this to heart and from that moment onward Ramos has been one of my favorites. Does this sound like a man that needs sneak attacks? Does this sound like a man who needs a dirty Ref? NO! Ramos is a champion all on his own and helps bring out the best in others when teamed up with them. To me, he is above the petty tactics of Team Xtreme and is doing himself a huge disservice by joining them!
  5. New Breed- Back in the day (lol like 2 years ago if even that long) our favorite Tag Team was Sweet Rhythm mostly because of how they were with the fans, they obviously loved the fans. Johnny and Reggie have disappeared though and in their wake we were left with the New Breed  as the leading tag team in WXW, and while at first they were not fan favorites as “New Breed Sucks” was a favorite chant, they swiftly became favorites of ours as we saw in them the same love of the fans that Sweet Rhythm had. These guys gradually got the fans on their side with their before show and mid show antics. It didn’t take too long for the crowd to see what my wife and I already saw in them and soon they became the golden Tag Team that could do no wrong. They even worked their way up to become Tag Team Champions and if it wasn’t for a heel team cheating their way to the win it is possible that the New Breed could be champs still. Everytime we go to the shows they make sure to come to us and see how we are doing. Everytime we see them I get handshakes and my wife gets hugs from them and we consider them to be good friends at the shows. I even interviewed them for this site. If you had asked me a few months ago if they would turn on WXW, if they would ever stoop to prophecy like tactics or dirty Refs I would have told you “Never in a million years”….well as I approach my 40th Birthday people keep saying I’m old but I never imagined that somehow those million years would have passed for the New Breed to have turned the way they did. This one hits the DWP family hard, especially for my wife who frequently laments losing two of her beloved wrestlers to the dark side!
  6. Jorel Ganzy- Current TV chap, ex-Hardcore Champ, ex-Cruiserweight Champ (At one point both Hardcore and Cruiserweight at the same time) is part of Team Xtreme. This doesn’t surprise me, he sided with Sugaa last time. The part that pisses me off is he is major champion material that’s been proven time and time again with what he has accomplished. He doesn’t need the dirty tactics or the dirty Refs. He seems to be taking an easy way out and selling himself short for the sake of someone like Sugga- it makes no sense to me!
  7. Mercedes Martinez- Don’t really know much about her, but considering she is current Women’s Champion and a WXW Hall of Famer, I really think such dirty tactics and such are below her. Like I said though, I really don’t know much about her so this move may be just another typical move for her, somehow I doubt it though seeing as she is now on the WWE Mae Youong Classic and you don’t get there by dirty refs and pack attacks.
  8. Bison- No real clue on him so not surprised.
  9. Chico Adams- No real clue on him as he is new so no surprises here.
  10. Tony Ice- At first he was against the Xtreme ones as he had a huge thing going against Jorel. However, with a bit of pressure and the promise of young white ladies fawning all over him, he caved in and joined the revolt with very little fuss. I am quite disappointed in one that first stayed on WXW’s side would turn so easily.
  11. Sugaa- He is now known as Splendaa the Pretendaa to me and the DWP. This turn against WXW again doesn’t surprise us nor does the use of dirty refs as he has done such before. What does surprise us is that he could get these other people to stoop so low. To be honest, if Sugaa left the group and the group went face and were their themselves again I would be fully behind them. However, with Sugaa bringing them so low and using cheap cheats I just can’t.

The funny thing is I have no problems with heels. I love Sugaa as a heel, Marc Mandrake is awesome as are Bad Intentions. Now if Team Xtreme were built with heels like Deathrow Jethrow, Devin, and those on the fence like Jorel, the ones that seem like they could cheat and not care about it… if it was made up of people like them then I could fully support the faction as awesome and very entertaining.  However, this faction has taken my WXW heroes and friends and brought them to new lows. Lows they didn’t need to be great and due to this I cannot support Team Xtreme. If they were to stop the pack fights and get rid of the dirty ref I would fully support the great people on this team….even if they did play the heel card and cheat some. However until that happens I have to take away my support…  The issue my wife and I have with the way Team Xtreme is going is this- if they want to be heels then be heels on your own, in your own way. If you want to cheat to win a match use your talent to do it. Some of the best and most memorable wrestlers of old were cheaters- look at Rick Flair and Eddie Guerrero- you can lie, cheat, steal, and be dirty and have style and show off your talent. No one loved Flair or Guerrero because they used crooked refs or pack attacks- people loved them because it took talent to do what they did, whether it was dirty or not. If any of the members of Team Xtreme really feel a heel is what they are then they should be a heel but not cheat themselves and their fans with all of these cheap underhanded moves. What Sugaa has reduced these great wrestlers to is far beneath them and it has cheapened their talents, and their legacy- we here at DWP just wish they could see it from the fan’s point of view.

One last plea to Sugaa as well. You are an ex-Champion in WXW been with them for 20 years and most likely held every belt they have if I’m not mistaken. You’re also in the Hall of Fame. This type of attack is below you as well. You keep saying to me “But what about when they do it…ect ect”. Wah Wah Wah suck it up buttercup. You are a Hall of Famer you are BETTER than this. But sure keep up the Prophecy like tactics, I mean you saw where that got them (new fans are saying “who are the prophecy?” if that gives ya a hint). Anyway keep up the worst of the nWo tactics and always be Afa’s Cafe Princess in the end or Rise Above the pettiness and prove exactly why you deserve your HoF spot!

I do hope that my friends come back soon, I miss being able to cheer for them and just so they know I will be waiting for them when they come to their senses! Right now they are all wasting their talents. Leave the blatant pack cheating to Bad Intentions, leave the dirty Ref for Deathrows new Manager he would probably love it. Cheat if you must but do it with your own talent, not how a cheap bully or child would.


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