DWP Summer Slam Predictions

DWP SummerSlam Predictions

Kickoff Show-

RVD vs Cesaro- DWP Prediction is that RVD will put up a good fight but Cesaro comes out the victor, they have been trying to push him too much lately for a prime time loss. This could be what Cesaro needs to get back into the swing of things.

UPDATE- Was writing this during the preshow and they seem to gave the match earlier than usual and well seems my prediction was wrong.

Summer Slam main show-

Miz vs Dolph Ziggler for IC Title- My prediction is for Dolph Ziggler to start making his comeback here. They have actually been pushing him for the first time really since he spoke up against the authority way back when with when they were punishing the Big Show. Hopefully now Ziggler will have a chance to shine again since he is a good wrestler and better than Miz in my mind.

Y2J vs Bray Wyatt- While Y2J has been doing really well I think this is his moment to give Wyatt the big push that Y2J is soooo good at giving the new kids on the block. I’m going to say that Bray comes away with the win.

Jack Swagger vs Rusev in a Flag Match- While I am really rooting for Swagger in this one (and yes it pains me to say that since I hate Zeb’s usual Rhetoric) I have to admit I think to keep the rivalries and such going I think Rusev is going to come away with the big win and have his flag raised high above!

AJ Lee vs Paige for the Diva title- Lets see in AJ Lee we have the Cute but Psycho happy bunny and in Paige a lovely pale English girl. No matter who wins you have the two Cutest Diva’s rolling around on the mat so I’ll be happy. I honestly don’t know who will win this one but for the sake of argument I’ll say Paige due to getting into AJ’s mind lately.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins Lumberjack Match- While my wife thinks the Authority will try and stack the lumberjack however I think enough guys still hate the Shield form their time running roughshod over everyone that most of the Lumberjacks will be aiming for blood from both sides. I predict however that Seth will somehow find a way to win but it will be a tough match.

Roman Reigns vs Randy Orton- Not much to say about this one…they are obviously grooming Reigns for big things and I think this means a shot at the title at Wrestlemania. A good first step to prove he has what it takes is to take out Orton on the second biggest PPV of the wrestling year. I say Roman Reigns comes away with the win!

Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon- I know this is a stupid little gimmick match and Stephanie will try and cheat to win since she is the owner and all that. HOWEVER with all of that said I think with all the SL’s with screwing up things with Daniel and Brie and Niki andsuch that they would be stupid to let Stephanie win. I predict Brie makes Stephanie cry and tap out due to the Yes Lock!

Brock Lesnar vs John Cena- I will start out by saying this. I hate Brocks character, I hate how much stock they put in Brock. They say he is an attraction but he’s not used enough to be an Attraction. Considering they strip titles from people who can’t wrestle for over a month now a days I can’t see them giving the title to Brock with him being a below Part Time Wrestler. However I do not think that Cena comes out of this night as champ. I think that Cena and Brock will have a HUGE match that sees Cena beaten and Broken but victorious over Brock. Then a battered but nowhere near broken Seth Rollins cashes in his Money In the Bank Briefcase and walks out Champ.

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