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Animal Crossing New Horizons: October Sea Creature Guide

Welcome back, everyone. Today we have our blogs for the next month of Animal Crossing New Horizons creatures that are coming and going for the month of October. We’ve already got the Fishing Update done so now it’s onto the next part of the oceanic based creatures in Sea Creatures for the North and South. […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Facebook Group.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to drop by real quick and let you know that about a week ago we started a sister group to our All Things Geek group that is dedicated to the game Animal Crossing New Horizons and any new Animal Crossing games that may come out for the switch after this one. […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons: August Fish Guide

Welcome back, everyone. August is almost here and depending on where you are in the world, you may still be stuck inside due to the insidious Coronavirus. So what better to do than play some Animal Crossing and try to buy the love of your villagers by showering them with expensive gifts in the hopes […]

Animal Crossing June Bug Guide

Welcome back to our Animal Crossing monthly guide series. For June we will be expanding on this series to include any and all new bugs that may be showing up as well as those that will be disappearing. This will include where to find them, when to find them and if you need to do […]