Animal Crossing New Horizons: August Fish Guide

Welcome back, everyone. August is almost here and depending on where you are in the world, you may still be stuck inside due to the insidious Coronavirus. So what better to do than play some Animal Crossing and try to buy the love of your villagers by showering them with expensive gifts in the hopes of getting a picture of them? Notice me Sprinkle! Please! Anyway, since a new month is coming it’s time to find out what new fish we have coming to the game and what fish will be leaving at the end of this next month.

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Now we’ll get into the new listings of fish first for the Northern Hemisphere and then for the Southern Hemisphere. As usual, the listings will be in the following format Name- Dates- Time

ACNH August Fish Guide North


Soft-Shelled Turtle- August-September- 4pm-9am


Moray Eel- Narrow Shadow- August-October- All Day

Ray- August-November- 4am-9pm


Frog- All Day- Pond

Giant Snakehead- 9am-4pm- Pond

Killifish- All Day- Pond

Napoleon Fish- 4am-9pm- Ocean

Squid- All Day- Ocean

ACNH August Fish Guide South

Nothing New


Blowfish- 9pm-4am- Ocean

Pond Smelt- All Day- River

So we have a busy month of things leaving in the North and only a couple things coming in but the South has nothing new and just two leaving. So all in all a pretty slow month in August. I’m looking forward to catching some Rays, however! What’s one of your favorite fish to catch? Sound off below in the comments and let us know! Fish may be slow this month due to the fact that they have the second part of the summer updates dropping sometime in August but that’s just a guess on my part. Once we find out more about what’s coming in the next game update, I’ll let you guys know!

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