Animal Crossing New Horizon: October Bug Guide

Welcome back to our last Animal Crossing guide blog for October for what to catch and when. We’ve already handled the fishing and diving blogs so now we retreat back to land and get out our nets for the bugs! Now in a few days, on the 30th, we have a new update dropping and if I hear any good little tidbits for it I’ll do up a blog on them but I’ll certainly be dropping some videos and live streams on our YouTube channel.

Speaking of our YouTube channel, be sure to drop by and check it out HERE and subscribe, and turn on notifications so you’ll always know when a new game video gets uploaded and when we go live with Animal Crossing or anything else.

So I’m liking the tables at least in Google Docs but we’ll see how these turn out once they’re on the web page. So we’re gonna just jump into things with the new in the North and then what’s leaving and then as usual move on to the south and do the same. I hope you all enjoy and if you can think of any way to improve these blogs for you then please drop a comment down below and let us know.


LadybugOn Flowers8am-5pmOctober


Banded DragonflyFlying8am-5pm
Bell CricketOn Ground5pm-8am
Darner DragonflyFlying8am-5pm
LadybugOn Flowers8am-5pm
Man-Faced Stink BugOn Flowers7pm-8am
Red DragonflyFlying8am-7pm
ScorpionOn Ground7pm-4amSting makes you pass out
StinkbugOn FlowersAll Day
Tiger BeetleOn GroundAll Day
Yellow ButterflyFlying4am-7pmNear Flowers


Agrias ButterflyNear Flowers8am-5pmOct-Mar
Atlas MothOn Trees7pm-4amOct-Mar
Common BluebottleNear Flowers4am-7pmOct-Feb
Darner DragonflyFlying8am-5pmOct-Apr
FleaOn VillagersAll DayOct-May
Giant Water BugPonds/Rivers7pm-8amOct-MarOn Surface of Water
Jewel BeetleOn Tree StumpsAll DayOct-Feb
Long LocustOn Ground8am-7pmOct-May
Madagascan Sunset MothFlying8am-4pmOct-MarNear Flowers
Rajah Brooke’s BirdwingFlying8am-5pmOct-MarNear Flowers


TarantulaOn Ground7pm-4amSting makes you pass out

Wow, this is certainly a good month coming up for the Southern Hemisphere with tons of bugs coming in for them and only one thing leaving. The Northern Hemisphere is the exact opposite with only one coming back which is a repeat and a bunch of them leaving! This is fine for me though since I only have 3 bugs left to collect but still, it’s sad to see so many disappearing thus leaving a lot less to catch and sell. So, let us know below either what you’re happy to see coming in if you’re in the south or if you’re in the north let us know what you’re sorry to see go at the end of October!

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