Animal Crossing New Horizons: August Bug Guide

Welcome back, everyone! So we’ve already been adding a bunch of ACNH guides onto the site from Sea Creatures to fishing and now it’s time for the bugs! As always this is going to be a monthly guide update that focuses on both the northern and southern hemispheres for what’s new and what’s leaving in the world of bugs! So let’s fill those museums and critterpedias while we can and see what’s new!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Flick

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of it all I just want to post our standard reminders here. So let’s run through them real quick. We have our own Animal Crossing Group and since you’re here I’m assuming that may interest you if so go HERE. We have a general gaming page where we will be sharing everything which is HERE. We have a group that’s dedicated to All Things Geek that’s HERE and we are raising money for Children’s Miracle Network through the Extra-Life program HERE! We also have a gaming channel on YouTube HERE! Last but in no way least if you like what we do with our blogs and would like to help us grow and bring you more reviews and guides and such then please consider becoming a backer on our Patreon page HERE!

Now as we jump into this the formatting will be similar to our other pages with Name- Date- Time- Place and will be separated between the North and South and at the end of each list will be what’s leaving at the end of August.

animal crossing bug guide north


Migratory Locust- August-November- 8am-7pm- On Ground

Rice Grasshopper- August-November- 8am-7pm- On Ground

Walker Cicada- August-September- 8am-4pm- On Trees


Blue Weevil Beetle- All Day- Coconut Trees

Brown Cicada- 8am-5pm- OnTrees

Cicada Shell- All Day- On Trees

Common Bluebottle- 4am-7pm- Near  Flowers

Cyclomattus Stag- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Drone Beetle- All Day- On Trees

Evening Cicada- 4pm-8am- On Trees

Giant Cicada- 8am-5pm- On Trees

Giant Stag- 11pm-8am- On Trees

Giraffe Stag- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Golden Stag- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Great Purple Emperor- 4am-7pm- Flying Near Flowers

Horned Atlas- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Horned Dynastid- 5pm-8am- On Trees

Horned Elephant- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Horned Hercules- 5pm-8am- Coconut Trees

Jewel Beetle- All Day- Tree Stumps

Robust Cicada- 8am-5pm- On Trees

Saw Stag- All Day- On Trees

Scarab Beetle- 11pm-8am- On Trees

Miyama Stag- All Day- On Trees

ACNH Bug Guide South


Tiger Beetle- August-April- All Day- On Ground


Damselfly- All Day- Flying

Dung Beetle- All Day- Snowballs

Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing- 8am-5pm- Flying Near Flowers

So this time of year just seems to be slow for the South in just about everything. However, the North is losing a LOT of bugs after August and most of them had just come in this month in July! So for all of you Northern Hemisphere players, you have a short time to catch a lot of bugs if you haven’t finished it yet. I know I still have 2 beetles to catch that I just haven’t even seen yet! Also, let’s not forget that this week on Saturday is another Bug Off with our friend Flick! This runs from 9am to 6pm and I am hoping to live stream some of it on our YouTube channel HERE. So be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to see when we go live!

ACNH Bug Off

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