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Kittens Rant: Toxicity in the Speedrun Community of Monster Hunter World

Hey hey everyone and welcome back to another little gaming rant brought to you by your favorite online Kitten…ME! So one of my favorite little guilty pleasures right now is going out and hunting monsters. In fact you could say there are a world of monsters for me to hunt in this game! So, yes […]

Kittens Rant: The Problem with Kamala Khan in Avengers Game?

Welcome back all my wonderful kittens. I know I know I promised you some Sony vs Hi-Rez stuff for the next blog buuuuut we’re waiting for a little bit longer to hear from Sony (which isn’t seeming likely) so we’ll have that soon..but until then we have 2 more rants for you brought on by […]

Kittens Rant: Spiderman Leaving MCU

Why?!?! Why have you done this to our family? Was it something we did? All I want is for our family to be together! I don’t want two Christmases I just want our Spider-Man to stay where he is! I don’t want him to just live with Sony when he has a good family right now! Yeah, […]

Kittens Rant: Fortnite Gemini Skin SNAFU

Hey there all my little kittens! Welcome back as I once again get up on my Litter Box to yowl about something wrong in the gaming community… and this time it is something that affects those who play Fortnite. So this is something that our esteemed leader in All Things Geek, Kevin Coryell, has experienced before […]

Kitten’s Rant: Sony Exclusive in New Avengers Game

We are BACK my precious kittens! So many things have been happening here in DraxisWeb with us trying to get a new YouTube channel started for our gaming stuff that things have just been a little harder to get to for other things but here we are back with a new rant and it’s one […]

Kittens Rant: RIP Fortnite

Welcome back my fellow Kittens. Once more we are diving deep into Fortnite things that are hot online right now and putting in my 2 cents worth. So as I step up onto my litterbox to give my take on things, the backstory here is that lately the hashtag RIP Fortnite has been trending on […]

Kittens Rant: My problem with Ariel. (Spoiler it’s not actually race)

Welcome back to all of the members of my little kitten’s pride! I know its been a while since you’ve heard from your favorite little kitten but things have been busy busy busy in my life. This is why it has taken so long for me to get to this little rant but rest assured […]

Kittens Rant: Fortnite Drops the Ball with Maya Skin

Hello all my wonderful kittens! It’s great to have you all back as I take my perch on the litter box once again to give a little rant about a complaint I have with the gaming world. Once again it seems to be heading in the direction of Fortnite, which seems to get my ire […]