Animal Crossing New Horizons: September Fish Guide

Welcome back everyone to yet another fish guide for Animal Crossings New Horizon. It seems like it was just yesterday I was typing up the fish guide for August, yet here we are with just a handful of days left in the month. So over the next few hours from when you see this go up, you’ll be seeing our bug guides and sea creatures guides also appear for the month of September. We hope these guide updates can help you be able start planning when and where you have to go on your islands to do the best fishing and bug catching you can.

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Now as usual we will be dividing this up between Northern and Southern hemisphere and first putting in what’s coming in September and then ending each section with what leaves at the end of September. If you want to know what leaves in just a couple days be sure to check out all of our August Guides (hint there are a TON of bugs leaving the North so catch them NOW). We will be listing the fish in the following way:

Name: Special: Time: Months (Special will be things like Fin or odd shadows like the eels have ect.)



Char: 4pm-9am: September-November

Cherry Salmon: Clifftop: 4pm-9am: September-November

Golden Trout: Clifftop: 4pm-9am: September-November

King Salmon: River Mouth: All Day: September

Mitten Crab: 4pm-9am: September-November

Pike: All Day: September-December

Salmon: River Mouth: All Day: September

Sturgeon: River Mouth: All Day: September-March



Arapaima: 4pm-9am

Arowana: 4pm-9am

Dorado: 4pm-9am

King Salmon: River Mouth: All Day

Nibble Fish: 9am-4pm

Piranha: 9am-4pm & 9pm-4am

Saddled Bichir- 9pm-4am

Salmon: River Mouth: All Day

Soft-Shelled Turtle: 4pm-9am

Sweetfish: All Day


Crawfish: All Day

Gar: 4pm-9am


Butterfly Fish: All Day

Clownfish: All Day

Blue Marlin: Pier: All Day

Great White Shark: Fin: 4pm-9am

Hammerhead Shark: Fin: 4pm-9am

Ocean Sunfish: Fin: 4am-9pm

Pufferfish: All Day

Saw Shark: Fin: 4pm-9am

Suckerfish: Fin: All Day

Surgeonfish: All Day

Whale Shark: Fin: All Day



Char: 4pm-9am: September-December

Cherry Salmon: Clifftop: 4pm-9am: September-December

Golden Trout: Clifftop: 4pm-9am- September-November

Loach: All Day: September-November


Tadpole: All Day: September-January


Barred Knifejaw: All Day: September-May



Bitterling: All Day

Stringfish: Clifftop: 4pm-9am

Sturgeon: Mouth: All Day

Yellow Perch: All Day


Football Fish: 4pm-9am

Sea Butterfly: All Day

So there’s all the fish we can expect to see come and go this month. There’s a good amount of change for September; however, most of what the North is getting is stuff we’ve seen before but there are a few new things for me to get for the museum so I am excited about that. My big thing now is going to be getting the Mahi-Mahi and the Giant Trevally before they disappear at the end of October. Let us know in the comments if these guides have been helpful to you and how you’re doing on your Criterpediea’s.

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So, thanks again for checking us out and hope to see you around soon!

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