Animal Crossing New Horizons: September Bug Guide

So we’ve gone from the beach to the sea and now we are going to the land in our monthly guides for Animal Crossing New Horizons. In this blog, we will explore what Bugs are coming to your islands in the next few days and what bugs leave at the end of September. I always love catching the bugs in the game, but then again when I was a kid I worked at an insect zoo area within the Philadelphia Zoo. I have never lost my fascination with insects and bugs and even have a mini bug area on my island with the artwork that Flick makes. It also doesn’t hurt that my son also loves bugs and he loved the museum area of the island too!

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So as with our other guide blogs, this one will be broken down between Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Then it will be broken down even further to what’s new followed by what’s leaving. Each entry will be in the following format:

Name: Place Active: Time Active: Months Active


Bell Cricket: On Ground: 5pm-8am: September-October

Centipede: Hit Rocks: 5pm-11pm: September-June

Common Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-7pm: September-June

Cricket: On Ground: 5pm-8am: September-November

Monarch Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-5pm: September-November

Pill Bug: Hit Rocks: 11pm-4pm: September-June

Red Dragonfly: Flying: 8am-7pm: September-October

Violin Beetle: Tree Stumps: All Day: September-November

Yellow Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-7pm: September-October


Agrias Butterfly: Near Flowers: 8am-5pm

Atlas Moth: On Trees: 7pm-4am

Diving Beetle: River/Pond: 8am-7pm

Earth-Boring Dung Beetle: On Ground: All Day

Emperor Butterfly: Near Flowers 5pm-8am

Giant Water Bug: River/Pond: 7pm-8am

Goliath Beetle: Coconut Tree: 5pm-8am

Grasshopper: On Ground: 8am-5pm

Madagascan Sunset Moth: Near Flowers: 8am-4pm

Mosquito: Flying: 5pm-4am

Pondskater: River/Pond: 8am-7pm

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing: Near Flowers: 8am-4pm

Rainbow Stag: On Trees: 7pm-8am

Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing: Near Flowers: 8am-5pm

Tiger Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-7pm

Walker Cicada: On Trees: 8am-4pm

Walking Leaf: On Ground: Disguised as Item: All Day


Honeybee: Near Flowers: 8am-5pm: September-January

Ladybug: On Flowers: 8am-5pm: September-December

Man-Faced Stink Bug: On Flowers: 7pm-8am: September-April

Mantis: On Flowers: 8am-5pm: September-April

Orchid Mantis: On White Flowers: 8am-5pm: September-May

Peacock Butterfly: Near Black, Purple, Blue Flowers: 4am-7pm: September-December

Stinkbug: On Flowers: All Day: September-April

Tiger Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-7pm: September-March

Yellow Butterfly: Near Flowers: 4am-7pm: September-December


Emperor Butterfly: Near Flowers: 5pm-8am

WOW while the south has only one thing leaving they have only a double handful coming in. However, the north has a HUGE change out with a ton of things leaving! The north has that same amount coming in as the south which is good with how much is leaving. I just wish more things were new and not just returning things. Anyway, I’m looking forward to getting all the new ones as quickly as I can and showing them to my son! So let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to seeing and which you don’t want to leave yet.

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