Kittens Rant: Toxicity in the Speedrun Community of Monster Hunter World

Hey hey everyone and welcome back to another little gaming rant brought to you by your favorite online Kitten…ME! So one of my favorite little guilty pleasures right now is going out and hunting monsters. In fact you could say there are a world of monsters for me to hunt in this game! So, yes I too, have fallen into the trap that is Monster Hunter World. Kevin warned me against it, warned me it would take up my world but I didn’t listen. No instead i started joining facebook groups and opening up hunts so that others can join in whenever they wanted and we can all go out and kill together and have fun together. This however has made it where I have found a very big philosophical difference in the player base of the MHW game. This split in ideas seems to be right down the middle and each side seems to believe they are right and will not take guff from anyone else. What is this….is it a humane capture vs kill PETA group in Monster Hunter World? Oh don’t I wish at least them I could laugh at them. No in this case it’s…dun…dun….dun




So, what’s the big deal? DPS vs Support builds, Capturing Endemic Life vs Killing an Elder Dragon in 2 minutes flat, Guard builds to keep you alive vs the Git Gud Church of the dodging!


So, what’s the right way to play Monster Hunter World? Well the thing is both ways work and you have to find what is right for you. For both Kevin and I, we love the beauty of the world that was given to us. We love exploring the wilds for a half hour just catching bugs and birds and seeing who can get the most.


However, there are players like Team Darkside that want to see just how fast they can push things. People like Team Darkside will get the most powerful sleep and stun equipment they can find and keep an elder dragon locked down in such a way that it cannot fight back at all and they see just how fast they can beat it in.


To me that’s a one time thing because to me locking down a monster so it can’t fight back is almost like cheating. Sure it’s fun once just to say I did it but otherwise, I don’t see the point. It’s not something that sounds fun to me. However, there is a time and place for Speedruns, it’s called the Arena where things are literally timed and rated by time.


What’s not cool is the toxicity that the speedrun community is bringing into the various forums on facebook and other places. When we see a perfectly good build for a support armor or for a tank armor then we see the speed runners jump out of the woodwork.


“Oh MY god you want to help the rest of your group, you need them to git gud!”

“Why Tank the hits, you need to build DPS (Damage Per Second) builds and learn how to dodge!”

“DPS is everything, the less time you do damage the longer a monster is alive!”


And it just devolves from here. The “Git Gud” army comes out to play and they don’t hold back about how much you suck if you can’t solo Teostra in under 5 minutes! The problem is the ones like me want to defend their style of play. We like making sure our teammates whether they be rando’s or a bunch of friends survive. We enjoy being a Heavy BowGun wielder who can tank the one shot kill breath from Vaal Hazak. We don’t need to “Git Gud”…no for we Be Gud.


Remember everyone. We are all gamers and geeks here. We all have our own playstyle from supports to those who want to rush headlong into things and see just how fast they can finish it. There is no one right way to play this game. Please accept this and stop spreading the toxic gamer lifestyle that should shame us all. Gamers are one of the largest subsections of Geek out there that’s why most places will even say they cater to Geeks AND Gamers and not just Geeks. There is so much we could do, so much we could be if we would just learn to play together nicely whether it be over a microphone or in a forum post.


So far, most game communities I have found have been toxic in many ways. It’s time to change that. It’s time to come together and unite in what we all love doing.


Because this kitten loves you all, but if one more person tells me to “Git Gud” because I play differently from them…then these claws will come out and they will shred that unlucky soul.


So be good all….and much love to everyone until my next rant.



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