Why Every Smartphone Needs Insurance and Protection

You dropped your phone. Not again! Luckily, it fell on a thick patch of grass and is perfectly fine. However, what happens the next time it falls and a soft material isn’t there to save it? Individuals, as well as businesses, can save themselves from the frustration and expense of breaking their phones by simply opting in for an insurance and protection plan. Are you not sure if this is right for you? Here are some of the top reasons that everyone should consider purchasing an insurance plan for their smartphone.

Smartphones Are an Investment

Most people like to keep their phones for many years; however, there comes a time when a phone begins to show normal wear and tear and fails to update its software properly. New phones can be quite expensive, with some even costing as much as $1,000. Something that takes that much of an investment from you should be insured. Phone companies simply don’t care if you break your phone one day or 100 days after you’ve purchased it; without insurance, it won’t be replaced.

A Phone is Intrinsic to Modern Life

It’s safe to say that you use your smartphone for almost every aspect of your daily life. This may include keeping in constant communication with family members as well as your work contacts. Businesses use phones as well and not just for marketing, though they certainly use it for that too. Most companies will have delivery updates, communicate important info, and more to customers. Lastly, phones are incredibly important for contacting emergency departments. You don’t want to be phoneless in the event of a fire or getting stuck on the side of the road.

You Don’t Want to Rely on Outside Repairs

Today, you can’t go a block without seeing a business claiming to repair smartphones. Many individuals believe that instead of paying for a monthly insurance plan, they can just get their phone fixed when it needs it. This, however, is a very financially risky move. Not only are most cell phone warranties voided if anyone attempts to open up the phone, but you also may not get the best service. The best move on your part is to avoid this headache and purchase an insurance plan for your smartphone.

Owning a smartphone is important for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it is paramount that you protect not only this investment but this lifeline to work with the proper insurance and protection plan.

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