What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Video Game

You’re sailing along in a video game, having a great time, when suddenly you get stuck on a level. Even after multiple tries, you can’t figure out how to beat the level and advance. When this happens, don’t give up before trying several strategies to get yourself unstuck.

Take a Break

Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away and do something else for a while. You’re frustrated and maybe even a little angry, and those emotions are clouding your ability to think logically and clearly. You need to give your brain (and your blood pressure) time to calm down.

When coming back to the game later, you might be surprised at how quickly the solution will come to you. That’s because giving your brain a break has been shown to increase creative insights. The break gives you a mental re-set and allows you to look at the problem with fresh eyes.

Consult Experienced Players

If you don’t have any friends playing the game who can help you, you can always consult with experienced players in one of the many social media groups and online forums. There are groups for general gaming and some specialized in the specific game you’re playing. All it takes is a web search to find the best group for you.

From other players, you can learn tricks and tips to get over the rough spots and beat the levels. You may learn the location of hidden items that can help you or boost your play. Boosting can help you level up your characters and allow you to access new items.

Watch a Video Walkthrough

Another way to beat a tough level is by watching a video walkthrough. Many experienced gamers record their screens while they’re playing. While some hardcore gamers consider this “cheating,” most players find them acceptable and even entertaining.

Many video walkthroughs are silent (or with just the game music in the background), but others are narrated to give you tips. You can pause the video at the exact point where you’re stuck and play it slowly to watch closely.

If you’re stuck on a video game level, don’t despair and give up. With a little help, you can get past the tough level and enjoy the rest of the game. Games were made to be challenging, but they are beatable.

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