Three Everyday Household Chemicals You Need to Keep Away From Children

There are a lot of chemicals in your household, and they are essential for keeping your home clean and fresh for your family. But they can also be incredibly dangerous, and children can’t always recognize the dangers these often-colorful chemicals can pose them. Here are three of the common household chemicals that you need to make sure are always kept away from your children.


Bleach is one of the most well-known household chemical cleaners out there. You probably have bleach in your house right now, and if you don’t have plain bleach, you likely have other products that contain bleach in them. Bleach can help to clean everything from clothes to utensils and more. But bleach is also a toxic chemical that is unsafe for children to be exposed to. Make sure any bleach or products containing bleach are kept in a cabinet that cannot be reached and opened by your children. This will ensure that they cannot gain access to this dangerous chemical.


Ammonia is another common household chemical. Ammonia is used for household cleaning and can be found in many products. But when there are high concentrations of ammonia, it can result in coughing, nose and throat discomfort and burning. If ammonia is consumed you are in danger, and this is only more serious in children whose bodies are smaller and can be poisoned with far less chemical than an adult. If you have ammonia products in your home, you absolutely must keep them away from children. These should be kept in high shelves that cannot be reached by your children. If you want to add an extra amount of safety, you could also put a cabinet lock on the cabinets that contain these dangerous chemicals to further keep your children’s access limited.

Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are essential to maintain the cleanliness and safety of your home’s plumbing. And while drain cleaners are very effective, they also contain lots of chemicals that are unsafe to children. If drain cleaner is consumed by your children, you should call poison control right away. Keep drain cleaners far from children, along with all your other household chemicals to ensure the highest degree of safety in your home.

There are a lot of chemicals in the average household. And all of them need to be kept away from children to keep them safe. Now that you know the three most common household chemicals to keep away from your children, you are prepared to protect your family in the best way you can.

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