Hydra’s Hound: Rachel Summers

Name- Rachel Summers
Rank- Hound of Hydra
Age-20,   Height- 5’7” Weight- 125lbs
Eyes- Green, Hair- Red
Tattoos- Facial Hound Markings,  Hydra logo on back
Power Type- Mutant
Powers- Astral Projection, Blast Power, Cosmic Awareness, Energy Absorption, Energy Based, Constructs, Energy Manipulation, Energy-Enhanced Strike, Fire Control, Flight, Force Field, Genetic Manipulation, Heat Generation, Illusion Casting, Light Projection, Psionic, Psychic, Psychometry, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Time Travel, Tracking

On many Earth’s in the Multi-Verse the future for Mutants and Mutantkind is not seen as a good one. There are military camps, mutants made into hounds and tasked with hunting down their fellow mutants and death. In very few places do you find a good future for Mutants. So in many places in the multiverse a very powerful mutant of the Summers/Grey genetic line ends up traveling to the past and trying to change things for the better. Sometimes it is Nathan Summers and sometimes it is Rachel Grey normally though they are almost 20 before they make the trip back, but that’s not always the case.

On Earth 201364 time was about to be shattered. A young Rachel Summers stood upon a platform just 10 years old. An older version of herself covered in Hound attire and markings watched as Forge and Beast moved around the huge machine moving dials and knobs. They all knew that playing with the timeline could have disastrous results but Beast and Forge thought they knew best and after seeing the future through the mind’s eye of the older Rachel they knew they had to do something. Their first step was to send their Rachel back in time just like the older one was but this time before she could be made into a hound by Ahab. Their machine hummed to life and the young Rachel arched in pain as it’s energy hit her. Flames flared from the older Rachel as the Phoenix Force lying dormant in her swiftly made it’s way to young Rachel to shield her from the forces of time and space that tried to rip her apart. Magik was signaled and she focused her power of teleportation through the machine, her mutant power, the machines power and the Phoenix Force all collided and burst out of young Rachel in an EMP pulse that shut down a 30 mile radius around the X-Mens Mansion.

Softly a voice spoke into the darkness seeing that Rachel was gone, “Did it work?”

“We’ll never know, soon this timeline will cease if it worked.” Came Forge’s answer.

In the Crystal Palace home of the Exiles one realm of the multiverse winked out of existence for a moment. The Exiles were off saving another corner of the multiverse and so none saw the firebird travel from the dying section of multiverse to another and drop off it’s precious cargo.

The Red skull sat in his Headquarters planning the next stage of his next mission when a flash of light flared in the middle of the room just over his planning table. Everyone turned away for a second and some screamed thinking a bomb had gone off. It didn’t take long for the light to fade and the Red Skull to yell his men down to silence. Lying shivering on the middle of his planning table was a young red haired girl looking to be about 10 years of age. With few words spoken scientists gathered around taking blood and various other readings not caring about what they did to the young girl. When all the tests were done she was taken to a cell and left there.

The tests came in. She was a mutant but seemed to have lost her powers…maybe for good or maybe just until she could recharge. The blood came back as on file from the Summers gene pool one that has always been under close watch, though the known summers did not have any children. Eventually her door would be opened again but it was not the Red Skull who stood there but an armor clad young man who looked to be almost 10 years her senior. She smiled thinking he would be her salvation….

For 7 years he had her beat, though he never laid a hand on her himself. For 7 years he told her she was beautiful but not good enough. For 7 years she endured all the torture until finally one night she could endure no more and she finally gave him what he wished. Finally after 7 years she told him she was his. Finally after 7 years she pledged herself to Hydra. Finally after 7 years he touched her and his touch was gentle and soothing and he took her fully and she gave her body to him crying as her walls finally crumbled and she was named the Hound of Hydra he always told her she was. Now however he said she was worthy, she was worthy of him and worthy of Hydra and while a little fire within told her not to she rejoiced in these words and his touch but while he said now she was worthy she never did believe it herself but she would die to try and make herself worthy of this man and this organization. Even as they tattooed the markings of the hound upon her face she vowed to make herself worthy. Even as they tattooed the symbol of Hydra upon her back she vowed she would make him proud of her. Even as he placed her in chains she knelt willingly at his feet craving his touch.

No longer did she think of herself as Rachel Summers….now she was simply Hydra’s Hound and let all beware the day she is let loose upon the world.

(This is a RP profile)

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