How to Breathe Easier in Your Home

Is your home stuffy? Do you feel that sometimes it is hard to breathe, or that there is dust, pet hair, or any other pressure that makes it difficult to breathe easily in your home? Well the solution might be right in front of you. Being able to relax and breathe deeply in your home is essential to cultivating a space that is yours to live and relax in. A home should be inviting, and this includes inviting to your breath. Here are a few tips that can help you breathe easier in your home.

Get an Air Filter and Maintain It

If you don’t have an air filter in your home, to filter out dirt, pollen, and other allergens and irritants from the air in your home, then this is the first step to breathing easy in your home. An air filter can eliminate or greatly reduce the allergens and irritants in the air in your home that might make it difficult for you to get a deep full breath in your home. It will also improve the quality of the air in your home in general, which can make the air and space feel more inviting and open to your breathing. Air filters are a cheap and effective way that you can breathe easier in your home and make the space your own.

Deep Clean the Home Regularly

Having a dirty home can make you tense and stressed which can leave you unable to relax into a deep breath. Not to mention that a dirty home can also cause dust and dirt particles to circulate in the air or your home which only makes it harder to breathe. You should deep clean your home every so often to help get rid of the caked in dirt that you might not even know is there most of the time. An area that is often overlooked for deep cleaning in the home is your mattress. There are many health hazards hiding in your mattress that can harm your health. Deep clean any area of your home that should be cleaned and relaxing for you and you will be amazed with the ease with which you can breathe in a nice and clean space.

Use Scents and Fragrances Correctly

Scent is one of your strongest and most deeply integrated senses in your brain. The olfactory sense has a major impact on your body’s stress responses, and ability to relax In a space. Try placing candles that you love around your home and lighting them often to impart the calming smells you enjoy throughout your home. You could also use plug in scent diffusers, scent and oil sticks, or scent sprays to keep your home smelling inviting and welcoming to you. Whatever method you like best is perfect, and having a warm and inviting scent in your home can have you breathing deeper in no time.

Not being able to take a deep breath in your home can be incredibly frustrating. Your home should be a place of relaxation, and breathing deep is a part of that. If you can’t breathe easily in your home, try a few of these tips and tricks and see how your breathing improves in your home.

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