DraxisWeb Gaming Animal Crossing New Horizons Fashion Show!

DraxisWeb Gaming is doing a fashion show in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you’re on facebook the easiest way to learn about the event and stay up to date will be to go to the following link


Otherwise follow us on Twitter @DraxisWebGaming to know when we open for the photo’s each day!

Rest of the information is as follows:

DraxisWeb Gaming’s first Animal Crossing Fashion Show.

To participate you must be willing to show your character off on our YouTube page. We will either use your in-game name or if you’d rather another name of your choosing and take screencaps of your character arriving at our airport, leaving our airport and 3 pictures at our Halloween stage (1 front, 1 back, 1 side). While at our island you may stop in the shops and buy candy or clothes but the rest of the island will be roped off so please no swimming. 

Before you come I will DM you a Dodo code and you will have to let me know your name you want to go by in the video. This way I can match your facebook name and chosen alias in a spreadsheet so if you win I know who to tag/contact.

We will run the show from 10/20/2020 to 10/24/2020. I will make a facebook event page so that whenever we are open for submissions I’ll post in there and as long as you have notifications turned on you’ll know when it’s possible to come. On 10/25/2020 I will make the video and upload it to my YouTube channel at which point voting begins. Voting will be done by using a poll made on SurveyMonkey which will be linked in the description of the video. Voting will last until 10/30/2020. On 10/31/2020 Halloween I will announce the winners and you can choose to either come back to pick up your prizes or I’ll be happy to drop them off at your island, the choice is yours.

Theme- The theme for the fashion show will be Halloween. This can be horror or fantasy or steampunk ect it doesn’t matter to me just come with your best Halloween costume for your character!

Please note- You may only enter ONCE. This is to make it fair for other people so everyone only has one shot at this. Figure out your best costume, you have 4 days so if you’re not sure take a little extra time.


First Prize-

Royal Crown, Gold Helmet, Gold Suit of Armor, Gold Boots, 30 Gold, 30NMT

Second Prize-

Crown, Iron Helmet, Iron Suit of Armor, Iron Boots, 30 Gold, 20NMT

Third Prize-

Tiara or Turban, Desert Outfit or Desert Princess outfit,  30 Pearls, 10NMT, Tailor Tickets