Generations Spider-Man

Good weekend everyone! Here we are on a lovely Saturday typing this up while on our way out to see the 21st Anniversary show for WXW Wrestling. For the first time my kiddo is going with us to a show, which I think is a pretty cool present for a 5 year old. Hopefully he has as much fun at this live show as he does watching WWE with us on TV. This week we have two comic reviews both from Marvel and both from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala. As we get closer to the end of the month, we seem to have some interesting Marvel things happening with Legacy coming out and a spoiled already return of Wolverine (the dead one not old man Logan or Laura) and dun dun dun he has an infinity stone! It also seems like there will be mystery characters showing up. New characters that were old characters and supposedly in the Marvel U for some time now but not. You know like Sentry because his character went over so well with the fans. Anyway, to keep updated on these things and when new awesomeness comes out, be sure to check out the Vibranium Facebook page that you can get to by clicking the banner above or the website by clicking the banner below.

First out of the box, we have a comic I was waiting for which is the Spiderman meets Spiderman version of Generations. This one sees Miles Morales doing the same unexplained Time Jump that others have been doing and popping into the past of Peter Parker from when he was in College and Aunt May was on death’s door.

This Generation’s book goes a slightly different direction than the others I have read. In this one, there is no real epic team up like the other ones have had. No, instead Miles finds a dorky Peter Parker and literally runs into him twice. This of course confuses Peter since Miles doesn’t set off his Spider Sense. Miles also witnesses the day that he and Ganke became friends and realizes he has to man up and not run home to mommy because she can’t help him. He goes back to Peter and reveals who he is and listens to why Peter is seeming so off that day. He tells a story about Aunt May and how he is waiting for a call from the hospital about whether she will live or die. This one lacked any exciting battles, but gave Miles a deeper look into how personal the fight is for Peter, and how Peter is kind of sharing this with the other Spiders that are out there now. After that revelation, and an ending kinda similar to the Hawkeye one, Miles disappears back home.

What have you been thinking of the Generations comics so far? Which has been your favorite? What are you looking forward to coming up? Sound off below!

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