Draxis Comic Review: Generations Phoenix #1

Good day everyone, glad to see you back here for another Draxis Comic Review! We have 3 great reviews for you this week, and the first one is brought to you by Vibranium Comics in Ocala Florida. Vibranium is a great place for doing some TCG playing and in fact, they have an event for the Force of Will card game coming up on August 16th starting at 6pm. I plan on being there to hopefully learn the game. If you want to collect a TCG with awesome artwork then this is the game for you and Vibranium is a good place to buy your boosters and coming soon some starter decks as well! As always, there is a link to the Vibranium facebook page in the top banner and their website on the bottom banner. Be sure to check with them on facebook to see all the gaming events they have coming up!

Our first review for this week is for the comic The Phoenix Generations. Generations is a new series that Marvel is doing with various comics connecting the original characters with ones that are coming after them. You’ll see pairings like Iron Heart and Iron Man and probably the Ms and Mrs Marvel…may even see a couple Spidermen- I’m really not sure as I haven’t kept up with all the titles coming out. In this comic though, it has the young Jean Grey from the New X-Men and X-Men Blue titles and the original Jean Grey from a time when Mastermind was stalking her, shortly before the events that led to the Dark Phoenix Saga.

I was a bit disappointed with this comic. For all they could have done with it, they decided to take it as yet another time to further the new Jean Grey comic and have Jean trying to find out how to fight the Phoenix, how to not become what she had been before, and still could become again. They did have an interesting twist where this was a real time travel thing so Younger Jean from the future does see Older Jean from the past (yeah confusing) and they have a nice little team up to try and drive Galactus away from a planet before he could eat it as the Watcher watches. The problem is, they never say why Jean was able to poof into the past but the watcher confirmed that it was the past and her words could change history.

I can understand the whole trying to avoid becoming the Phoenix thing…the whole being afraid it might go and turn you dark as it did to you before in another time. I don’t think, however, that there is enough in this to warrant a whole storyline in her own book, much less continuing it along into a special of who knows how many comics. Personally, I would find a way in Generations to turn Jean into the next Phoenix but with the added knowledge of the old Jean to maybe spare her from the darkness or a way to bolster herself so it doesn’t happen.

All in all, I think it had 2 great things compared to 1 Negative in my mind. The Negative is the underlying running from the Phoenix the two great things are a cool meetup with Galactus and the best part had to be getting to see grown up Jean Grey in a bikini (sorry she has been my comic book crush since I was in my early teens). As a whole package, I would say get it as it was a good little read, the little faults I find in this one are more because of my short sightedness in this story line and I hope I am proven wrong in my thoughts about it.

If you get this issue, be sure to come back and let us know what you think of it!

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