Draxis Comic Review: Generations Hawkeye

Hidey Ho Neighbors! We’re back with another comic review! Sorry these have taken so long to get out but between a Labor Day weekend with friends from the north visiting that we haven’t seen in almost 20 years and now a hurricane heading our way I’m sure you can understand that we have been a little strapped for time here! Anyway, this last review for this week comes to us from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Check out their events on facebook to see what games they are having tournaments for as well as when their next movie night might be! Remember new comic day is wednesday and we aren’t supposed to see Irma till Sunday so we still have time to get the newest comics to read while the storms trap us inside! Check out the banner above for the facebook site of Vibranium and the banner below for their website! As always keep checking back here for more comic, game and movie reviews!

This last review of this week brings us back to the Marvel Comics company and back to the series of one shots we have been covering called Generations. This weeks Generations comic sees the young lady Hawkeye teleported into the past to see old school pink and purple Hawkeye in action. Once again, we have no idea why these people are being teleported around the time and space continuum but they keep running into their namesakes and it seems like this will have something to do with an Avengers BC comic that will show an original group of Avengers the likes of Phoenix, Odin, and Agamotto among others.

The setup to this comic comes in the guise of an Island that is filled with the best Marksmen in the world both Hero and Villain and from throughout the time stream. All sorts have been gathered from Boomerang to Taskmaster to Bullseye and even the Avenger Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton. This is a young Clint from back when he wore a pointy mask and a lot of purple and pink in his costume. This is practically a West Coast Avengers Hawkeye. Everyone on the island has these nifty little target belts and if you hit the belt they get teleported back to their original time and place. Our younger female Hawkeye gets dropped into this right near Hawkeye but without said belt.

The two Hawkeyes team up after she convinces him that she is no threat and claims that Black Widow told her everything about Clint. Clint explains that once everyone was gathered the villains decided instead of the game they were just going to start killing each other. So Hawkeye decided it was best to try and just send everyone back home with the teleport buckles but of course he is very outmatched not in skill but in numbers. Between the two Hawkeyes though, they devise a plan to assault where they think the mastermind might be and thus be able to send everyone back home. There are lots of good fighting in this and plenty of wonderful quips in this comic. The fact that the younger Hawkeye knows everything about him and he knows nothing about her makes it even funnier at times.

All in all, I really enjoyed this comic just as I have the other Generations ones thus far. Just like with the others, there is a big soul searching moment that due to some reason or another the younger version in the time stream won’t remember. If you’re a fan of the “Arrow Slingers” of Marvel, I highly suggest this title! If you have read it, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below!

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