Draxis Comic Review: Generations Thor

Welcome back my friends! This week we have two reviews of which this is the second. This one is also brought to you by Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Looking online, it seems they are starting a Yu-Gi-Oh league so everyone go and collect your cards up out of their boxes, dust them off if need be, and come out to battle some monsters! As per usual, please check them out on facebook by clicking on the top banner and check out their events! Click the bottom banner to check out their website!

So here we are- the second review of the week and it sees us going back to the Marvel comics group with the new Generations series of books that seem to be leading up to a Avengers or Marvel legacy which is sounding interesting. This time we are seeing a teaming of Unworthy Thor (Thor before he wields his hammer) and the new female Thor. Normally, I don’t read much of the new Thor things because her fight with cancer just hits too close to home for me after my own bout with the deadly disease, but I figured I wouldn’t turn this one down as I doubted there would be much cancer talk in it and thankfully, I was right.

This one, as with all the other Generations comics, has its premise set on a bit of unknown time travel. In this one, we find ourselves back in the days of the Vikings back when Thor walked the earth as their god and had an axe by his side instead of his more well known hammer. In fact we open the comic with Odin telling Thor to stop playing with the hammer he would one day wield but at this time can barely lift more than a foot. Odin would rather he tidy himself up in formal attire for a delegation from another realm that’s coming instead of always running off to Earth which Odin thinks is rubbing off on Thor the wrong way. Of course, the moment that Odin goes to send Thor to greet their guests is the moment Thor takes off to Earth on his flying goat because his worshippers were praying for might. The Vikings were doing what they normally do explore and take but this time they had somehow made it to Egypt and run afoul of Apocalypse and his house Akkaba.

Just as Thor is about to attack, Apocalypse a thunder strike rains down in front of him and the new Thor appears before him. Of course he is a bit confused…I mean female Thor, holding a hammer he can’t pick up. It causes some concern but not enough to halt the battle. Most of the rest of the comic is Thor and Thor battling side by side as female Thor comes to grip with whether it is good to hold onto some humanity or if it would be better to just be Thor all the time so the Cancer can’t get her. The new Thor realises some important lessons while she watches the old Thor interact with his Vikings and tries to give him this information though she is afraid he’s just going to forget it.

Female Thor disappears, male Thor tries to lift his hammer again and thinks he got it a little further and then we find something really interesting. Odin summoned the Phoenix Force without a host to talk to her. It is hinted at that at one time they may have been an item and if that wasn’t tantalizing enough to make you wonder and your mouth water from the mystery and possible shipping ideas here the last page which is an Advert for Marvel Legacy shows a young Odin in a passionate embrace with and kissing the Phoenix!

As with the other Generations comics, I really enjoyed this one even if they didn’t give reason for the time jump. I find the possible romance between Odin and Phoenix very interesting and now can’t wait for Legacy. This one wasn’t as good as some of the others with hitting you in the feels but it did have some good action in it and the at work as with the others is perfectly on point. I highly recommend this if you haven’t already gotten it.  If you have read it already, then pipe up in our comment section about what you liked best and how you feel about the whole Odin/Phoenix tryst?

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  1. While it’s been a bit strange having Thor’s legacy intermingled with that of the X-Men, it’s still quite a bit of fun having Aaron broaden Thor’s world in such a way and if nothing else will go a long way to explain why Odin is always such a crabby old man. That being said Generations: Thor is a fantastic issue of comics and if nothing else is worth a read in these crossover-filled times, a fun comic after all never goes stale.

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