Draxis Comic Review: Doomsday Clock

Happy end of Thanksgiving everyone! Now that we have all gorged ourselves on Turkey and Mashed Potatoes it’s time to gorge ourselves on shopping and then resting. How better to rest though than laying back and enjoying a nice comic book with the ones you love…or just by yourself shutting out the rest of the world! This third comic for the week is brought to us by Vibranium Comic and Games in Ocala Florida! I hope you guys made it to their Black Friday Sale because they had some good discounts! As always to find out about upcoming sales and events like maybe a christmas event (hint hint) be sure to follow them on facebook. You can find their page by clicking the banner at the top, if you click the banner at the bottom you will be magically transported to their webpage instead of facebook!

This last review for the week is Doomsday Clock by DC comics. Now I don’t keep big track of the DC titles, but I basically know what’s been happening as I have a few friends that (in my opinion foolishly) think that DC is the better brand (debate for another blog). Anyway it seems that lately the New 52 wasn’t cutting it so DC decided to once again shake up the entire DC universe and throw a wrench into things. Usually there is some sort of “Crisis” that happens somewhere (ie multiple earths) and by the end of things we see a DC universe that is very different from the one we just previously left. This time however ,we are having a “Rebirth” in DC. A lot of the old heroes should be returning. From what I have been hearing a lot of this Rebirth stuff points to the Watchmen universe as being the ones to usually cause these Crisis with outside interference (most likely Doctor Manhattan). As we get closer and closer to the end of the year we seem to be getting closer and closer to some sort of either war between the two main universes or maybe even a merger of them to create one new universe again but one that will bring back some characters that were mainly missing in the New 52 such as Wally West flash from the Teen Titans (redhead not the black one from the show).

Doomsday Clock for about 99% of the comic focuses on the Watchmen universe however, there is one brief glimpse of a Superman having a nightmare. We see in the comic that it is taking place shortly after the end of the Watchmen comic where Ozymandias is a wanted felon and New York is still cleaning up after all the crap he had done to it. We also see a world in chaos as the Attorney General shoots the VP, the world is going to hell, Russia is attacking Poland and North Korea can now reach Texas with its Nukes. The fun one is the mention of the US citizens breaking down a wall to flee into Mexico!

We find that supposedly there are nukes heading for the US most likely New York and Rorschach is trying to recruit some help for a job. This guy goes and frees the Marionette for the job who then insists that her husband the Mime be freed or she won’t go. Marionette and Mime look to me to be very much this universe’s Joker and Harley. Rorschach however is not seeming to be the Rorschach that we all know and love. Rumors abound in this comic that he killed himself after killing NightOwl and Silk Specter. We don’t know if this is true but we do see that Marionette seems to trust him more after he shows her something on his hand. She also says the real Rorschach would kill him for using his face to which he replied he was Rorschach.

What does he want with them? What happened to Ozymandias? Why was Superman having a Nightmare? All this and more can be answered in the comic.

For me, the comic was alright. However, if you are a big DC fan or a big Watchmen fan then the merging of the two universes may be something you are looking forward to! If that’s the case then I strongly suggest you looking at this title.

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