Draxis Comic Review: Conan and Wonder Woman

Hey there everyone, we’re getting closer and closer to getting back on track with the comic blogs coming right after we get them. I know this weeks still a little late, but we had a hugely busy week. I want to send a shout out to my wonderful, just about 5 year old son, who we spent the day with up in Gainesville on Friday for his annual Doctor’s appointment. My little man was born premature and had a congenital hole in his heart that has been kept track of each year along with a misshapen heart valve. Due to insurance problems and scheduling problems, we went almost 2 years between yearly checkups. This year when we asked the Doctor about the hole in his heart, the answer that came back was “What hole?” So after 3 days of the family being sick this was an awesome day for us all. So awesome job kiddo! Next Blog we’ll let you in on the  wonderful Saturday we had as a family! Then you’ll understand why we were late this week. I want to thank Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala for helping us with these blogs. Coming soon is Halloween Comic Fest which is basically the October Halloween version of Free Comic Book Day. You can celebrate HCF with us at Vibranium Comics and Games on the last saturday of October! As always, check the banner uptop for the Vibranium Facebook page and the banner at the end for their website!

The first comic we have for you today brings back great memories for me. Back in middle school I used to walk home from school and stop at the local 7-11 and look at their new comics and magazines. One thing I bought every month were the huge black and white comics of Conan the Barbarian. I always loved reading  the exploits of this huge man. So this week we find ourselves with an interesting crossover of Conan and Wonder Woman!

So in this comic, we find ourselves with a lot of questions but seeing as this is a mini-series we have 5 more issues in which to answer said questions. What we seem to have here is the typical unexplained time travel phenomenon to explain away a random meeting. Honestly I am getting a bit tired of this trope as that’s basically what the entire Generations series of comics appears to be. We start out with Conan doing the typical Conan thing of wandering the lands and killing anyone who catches him the wrong way. This ends up leading him to a huge city where we find Wonder Woman fighting as a gladiator in their slave arena. Conan sees Wonder Woman fight and thinks of a lovely girl he met as a kid named Yanna.

Conan being Conan breaks into the slave area that night and confronts her. Wonder Woman doesn’t have any memories of who she is or why she is where she is. So we can assume we will learn this later. Although upon being called Witch she says she is not a witch but a wonder and thus to call her wonder woman…how conceited for someone that doesn’t remember who she is! Anyway the slaver clubs Conan from behind laughing at the fact that he thinks he has caught young lovers in a reunion and says to have Conan chained to Wonder Woman and they would fight each other to the death the next day. Wow…what a way to end issue 1 of a six issue series….they may have to end it at issue 2 if one of them actually dies! Yeah obviously that won’t happen.

Overall fun comic if you try not to think about the oddity of this type of crossover. Afterall DC seems to like doing odd crossovers, however Conan and Wonder Woman would be a heck of a match so I can forgive the time travel tropes and amnesia trope starts. Loved seeing the typical Conan violence though. If you have read this comic, what are your thoughts on it? Share them with us in the comments!


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