D.C.’s “Earth One” Graphic Novels

In 2010, DC Comics released the first of (so far) three new graphic novels, set in a continuity known as “Earth One”.  This book was “Superman: Earth One”.  This Earth is a world that very closely mirrors our own, in terms of technology, attitudes, political situations, and the like.  The idea was to introduce the superheroes into “our world” and tell stories based on what would happen.  (Sort of similar to “Man of Steel”.)

This Superman is a young, early-20’s Clark Kent.  He’s still unsure of what to do with his life.  When an alien invasion attacks Metropolis, he learns the truth about his past, and puts on the suit (made by Martha Kent) for the first time.  This was refreshing because the alien was a new villain, created just for this story.  The story also revealed that Krypton had been murdered, not destroyed by natural causes.  Great potential there.

Volume 2 of Superman sees him squaring off against the Parasite.  Another good story, with an interesting subplot concerning a neighbor girl who’s really interested in, and wants to sleep with, Clark, leaving him conflicted.  He wants to, but he also has flashbacks to talks with his dad about the feasibility of such a thing with humans.

Another subplot sees Superman battling with the idea of interfering in a war-torn country.  The dictator he confronts informs him that he can’t do a thing without being punished by the world for overstepping his bounds.  Superman has to decide exactly what he can and cannot get involved in.  Makes for good reading.

“Batman: Earth One” is the other novel released so far.  It follows a Batman who’s really, really new at it.  He doesn’t really have any gadgets, and his suit isn’t all that great.  This is a Batman who’s not supremely confident, who makes big mistakes, and is still figuring things out.  This is a Batman I actually LIKED.  I hope they make a second volume, because I want to read more of this Batman.

Besides, how often have you seen Alfred Pennyworth as an ex-Special Forces operative, who is able to literally kick Bruce’s butt in a fight?  Yeah, that happens here.  Alfred is AMAZING.

Seeing an Oswald Cobblepot who’s not the Penguin, but the Mayor of Gotham was an interesting twist on that character.  I rather liked it.

All in all, the Earth One titles are well worth your valuable reading time.  Even if you’re not really a D.C. fan, these takes on the characters might be more to your liking.  I don’t particularly care for Batman, but I enjoyed this version.

At 130 pages or so, they’re not just something you can flip through.  The art is beautiful, and the writing is very good.  I really hope DC sticks with this, and gives us a fleshed-out Earth One, with a Justice League and everything.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. That looks interesting now. Yeah, I’m one of those. Not really a fan of D.C. comics and all. But certainly after reading a little summary review here of what goes in their “Earth One” series comics, I’m thinking of picking up my copy this week. I’m more of a Batman guy and have seen and read it all. This new take on the omni-powerful Batman is both funny as well as interesting. Alfred beating Bruce in a fight is plain hilarious. 🙂

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