Comic Review: Cast Away in Dimension Z

Welcome back everyone to finally another comic book review! I’m sorry these have taken so long to get back but we are undergoing a small transition in them due to Covid. Basically, with all my health problems it’s not the safest for me to go out so I’ve been in the house except for some trips to the doctors, and things like comics and such are sent to me in the mail. This means my normal method of getting the odd comics with the comic stores giving me the special ones to review for you doesn’t work as well since I’m not there every week on my own to get them. So what we’re going to do for now for our dose of comics is go into  ComiXology Unlimited and our reviews will be based on Graphic Novels or single issues that we pick up as a free read. So this means depending on what else is going on some weeks we may have one or two reviews, or none or five or more. It’s gonna be really random, it’s gonna be some popular, some obscure, some newer, and some older but all in all, I hope it’s going to be fun for us all.

So, our first one comes in the form of a two-volume Graphic novel called Castaway in  Dimension Z and is part of the Captain America line of Marvel Comics. To start with this was a very good comic but the second volume towards the end makes your head spin and makes you wonder just all of what happened. Did any of it happen, was it all mind games I mean I’m done it and I’m still not sure now so I kinda feel sorry for Cap with all of this.

Anyway, I want to try to give this a little recap without giving too much away. This whole thing takes place during the time Cap and Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) are dating. He goes onto a train thing that they are checking out just to get trapped. When he comes to, he’s in the lab of Arnim Zola and has a HUGE needle slammed into his chest. Somehow Cap breaks out, destroys the lab, destroys this giant test tube looking thing with a body floating in it and escapes to find himself in a pocket dimension ruled by Zola and populated by these odd mutated creatures that Zola has created. Zola’s pissed thinking that Cap has killed the boy in the tank a little baby (yeah cause that’s how Cap rolls ya know::rolls eyes::) but Cap of course seeing a kid trapped in a tank made off with the kid thinking he was saving the boy. Zola had made this kid as well as a girl to be his kids and to give them super abilities or at least the girl had them and he was going to take over our world and set them up as leaders.

So for like 2 years, Cap is on the run with no way home and this kid grows from a baby to toddler with him and learns what’s edible and what to steer clear of in this world. No easy task. He falls in good with some of the inhabitants and raises the boy for many years until their hideaway is finally found. The boys like 10 now and they get caught. Cap fights Zoola’s daughter who reminds me both in looks and actions like some of Jack Kirby’s female furies from the DC comics. She kinda reminds me of Big Barda in looks, I think the character’s name was Lashina(?) in costume. Anyway, she has a very much New Gods/Apokolips look to her. Zola gets the boy back and tries to reprogram him as his son, Cap tries to reason with the daughter, Saron shows up to help Cap stop things and tells him he’s been there all of like an hour not ten years. The reader’s mind explodes! And a whole lot of stuff happens that I don’t want to spoil. The ending leaves openings for more adventures for Cap and the daughter and even it seems some adventures for the boy in Dimension Z as a new Nomad character but I could be wrong as I haven’t read past this yet.

All told, this comic was a lot of fun. It took up two graphic novels and the ending was a bit out of nowhere and a twist. I like out of nowhere twists that you don’t see coming so long as they dont just happen for absolutely no reason or with absolutely no tie-in to the story. I’m very interested to find out if this spiraled out into more stories for Cap and more Dimension Z stories, so I’ll have to do a bit of research and then see if anything pops up in the free section of ComiXology. I highly suggest checking this out as I quite enjoyed it.

Have any of you read this series in Cap’s life yet? If so, let me know in the comments if a new Nomad has spun out of this set of comics. If you like what we’re doing here on the site let us know below if there’s anything new you would like to see let us know that too. Check us out on our new YouTube gaming channel HERE and check out our Patreon HERE. If you have some ideas for comics or character stories you would like us to review let us know and we will see what we can do! 

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