Chicago Native CM Punk’s Grammar Slam

Known for slamming his opponents through the ring when it comes to wresting, CM Punk has also shown us that we are not alone when it comes to grammar. Does the misuse of their, there, and they‘re drive you batty? Is it painful to see people write your when it should be you’re? Is the sight of confusion over to, too, and two enough to make you cry? I know I sure feel this way most days– I spent seven years as an English tutor and instructor. Grammar errors like these can give me a nervous twitch and send shivers down my spine.


Image Courtesy of WWE

Well CM Punk feels the same way, so much so that he made a series of Grammar Slam videos on YouTube that address these grievous errors in grammar and the human language. Now if you know anything about CM Punk, you know he is good on the mic, you know he can be funny, and you also know he can be foul mouthed to boot. So be warned and buckle up for a great time. I know as I watched these videos I thought back to all the times I wish I could have said these things to people.

To see the Grammar Slam videos by CM Punk check out the YouTube channel:

5 thoughts on “Chicago Native CM Punk’s Grammar Slam

  1. I don’t like CM Punk at all, but this is hysterical. He makes a decent teacher… a much better teacher than John Cena makes an actor. (Blasphemy? Maybe. But you can’t honestly tell me that he can play anything convincingly… not even himself!) I’d love to see more stuff like this coming from WWE wrestlers.

  2. Nope, neither one. The only wrestlers I really like watching are John Cena and the Rock. I’m not a huge wrestling fan but they’re entertaining. In my opinion, CM Punk is just kind of annoying. I would rather watch paint dry then watch one of his matches.

  3. Wow! get to know the secret of CM Punk, he is very great with mic. I enjoyed the whole video and the way he defines the beating was the awesome part. I love to watch him in and out the ring, he is good at both. BTW nice work Sarah, got to know many new things from your blog.

  4. It used to bother me, but now that a few of my facebook friends get all over people when they misuse “there” while writing, I have just stepped back to watch.

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