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41y9zFXxF7L._AC_UL320_SR282,320_Just recently I was introduced to the game Cards Against Humanity. I know I know- what took us so long? Did I think I was too good to play this game? Heck no I have an evil side to me, just ask anyone that knows me! I can be an asshole when I want to be. The honest truth is I don’t get together with enough people most of the time and this isn’t the type of game you play with two opponents where one of them is a 3 year old and until now I didn’t think this was the type of game my parents would be interested in playing…however, they were laughing as much as the rest of us were and some of the dirtiest things came from my mother’s hand!

So for those that have not yet played the game it is a VERY easy game to play. You get several people together and sit them down around a table. You each get a certain amount cards-against-humanityof white cards and then someone picks up a black card and reads it. The black card will be like those old fill in the blanks you did as a kid and really this is just Mad Libs for the older people. Just instead of it being a free for all saying fill in with a noun you fill in the blanks with your white card. Whoevers is the funniest/dirtiest/whatever in the mind of the one reading the black card then wins that round taking a black card. Whoever gets to a certain amount of black cards first wins. It’s just simple Mad Libs.

However, Mad Libs wouldn’t come away with a cross like “Hillarious First Time ______ Bloopers” which then got filled in with “Nazi Death Camp” However in this game that was indeed one of the combinations that came up.

KYzlTvnSome of the cards in the deck you can’t help but blush at, some of the cards might even make you angry depending on how religious/uptight you may be. Some cards however are just simple cards calling out the name of a restaurant’s dish. In your hand you might have something like “Taco bells Quasalupa”, “Fisting”, “a Pile of dead bodies” and a few more random things from the normal to the grotesque to the best anti establishment or blasphemous thing you could think of.

Personally  would say that if you are the type that likes to watch South Park, American Dad, Family Guy and Robot Chicken to go ahead and play the game….you’ll most likely love it and get a lot of enjoyment seeing what the worst thing you could pair together is.

If you are easily offended, highly religious, deeply political or anything like that then STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME.

All in all I had fun and might think of one day buying this game if my gaming circle of friends ever expands to where we can have game nights and such at home…..however if things stay as they are with a small group here then I probably won’t waste the money

2 thoughts on “Cards Against Humanity Review

  1. That’s a great overview of the game! I completely agree that this game isn’t for people who get offended easily. But you’re right, it’s a fun game if you play it with the right people in the right environment. I’m surprised you had so much fun playing with your parents! I could see that getting a little awkward, but I’m glad it didnt for you.

    I agree that there is a certain type of person who would enjoy this game (Those who enjoy the shows you mentioned: Family Guy, South Park, etc) and that this game definitely isn’t for everybody – even if you don’t find it offensive.

    Again, though, good review and nice overview of the game.

    1. I thought the same “OMG I’m playing this with my parents…did Bert and PJ tell them what this game was?!?!” But they were great with it! Soe of the worst dirtiest whatever answers came from the oddest paces too…my mom! Glad you liked the review!

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