Monster-Musume-no-Iru-Nichijou-Anime-miia-Lamia-2037558Name: Aziza Atalan
Race: Atalan (Subspecies: Setith)
Height: 2’10” (human torso and head)
Length: 19′ 9″ (Snake Body)
Hair: Red Eyes: Tan
Scales: Red Skin: White, lightly tanned from the sun




History of Aziza Atalan from the pages of the Draxian Chronicles:

Aziza is an interesting specimen of the Setith sub-species of Atalan. She is of the Lamia bloodline and seems to have the normal powers that they all possess. However Aziza has decided to keep herself far from other Lamia and Setith. She preferes foraging alone in the bb7woods instead of sticking to the hunting and gathering groups the tribe usually sends out. Aziza is very friendly with anyone she encounters usually but has become afraid of humans after several bad run ins with a tribe of them that were allied with the darker gods of the area. Aziza has also surprisingly exhibited some control over the powers of shadow magic, this is almost unheard of in full blooded species of Draxis but as of my records I am seeing no incidences of Shadow blood in her lineage. I will of course view the web of this lovely young ladies ancestors a little closer to find out where this comes from. Currently her shadow born powers seem to be similar to the ones form the Houses Zapheris and Vrada as she can shape shadows to her will but not permanize them and she can also use shadow powers in an alchemical way. We think the Vrada like powers come from wherever she gets the source of the shadow powers working in concert with the natural druidic type of magics the Atalan all know naturally.

Aziza has recently left the Web of Time through a portal she found and is currently wandering the realms of either Rhydin or Draxis. We will continue to seek her out in order to keep close watch on her.

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History of the Atalan from the pages of The Draxian Chronicles

The Atalan are a very interesting race that spans time and galaxies. While many other races were content to settle in the web of time after the shadow wars and await their time to return to the realms of Earth the Atalan grew restless and began to move away from their mainly agrarian society to one of technology. Once the tech had been made to escape from the Web of Time back into realspace and time the various sub-species of Atalan all went their separate ways to colonize various planets other than Earth. Most of these species would not be heard from again until the mid 3000’s as Humans began to colonate the galaxy just to find it already filled with the Chathoder (Canine), Setith (Serpent), and Crintas (Feline) Subspecies of Atalan ruling evey where. I take that back the Chathoder and Crintas ruled everywhere, the Setith were mostly hunted as slaves or trained to be gladiators. The very few Setith that were still free in 3045 were those that had been strong enough to escape capture and somehow make a living as mercenaries or bounty hunters. There are rumors of secret Setith clans in hiding all over the Galaxy useing GeneStealth tech to hide in plain sight but this has not been substantiated past the level of rumors.

Before the Atalan escaped the realm we know as the Web of Time they lived mainly together usually with the serpentine or feline subspecies ruling the various small enclaves. The serpents that later formed the Setith tended to stay together as they were very much out numbered by their mammalian cousins. Many of the Setith clans would be separated into their jobs no only by sex but by what sub-subspecies they were. Dragon-kin were the rulers, Medusae were assassins though rumor of petrification was a bit of myth, Lamia were gatherers while Naga were hunters. Many of the Lamia were taken by humans and enslaved since they were not venomous like their Naga cousins and because humans and the various Atalan tribes never got along until the Shadow Wars. Een after Talon Drachenstalkers son married the Atalan Princess Shandathel the two races never fully got along and so usually kept to themselves.

Known Lamia Powers:
-Seduction- Lamia’s seem to have some sort of charm ability naturally against other creatures, this does not stop them from being captured as slaves or taken advantage of but once captured it tends to give them a better time of things than fellow slaves have.
-Vampirism- Lamia while able to eat normal food can also go for long periods without by feeding on sexual or emotional energy, this is very different from all other types of Atalan that people suspect interbreeding with the vapiric races somewhere in the far past of this species


(All pictures of Aziza are from the Manga Monster Musume and are copyrighted to them. They are only used here as a visual representation closest to what I perceive  the character as looking like we in no way shape or form claim to own these pictures. Character is Copyrighted to DraxisWeb productions specifically Kevin Coryell and Amanda Gayle and is currently being RP’ed by Amanda.)

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  1. The way you write is so amazing and catchy but what’s even better is how you find suitable images for your stories. Great job and awesome blog!!

  2. Your characters are so in depth. You have great character development skills as well as storytelling. Each bio leads to more curiosity about the world and surrounding characters. You seem to find good images to capture your vision, but do you have any plans to have someone create characters for you? Other than great RGP, these would make a great graphic novel. Also do you have any descriptions about the worlds the characters live in?

    1. I have had two of my characters sketched out by artists one of them is my main Character Talon Drahenstalker and the other was one of the Atalan type of characters in her case a Serval Anthro. I would love to have a few certain artists do some work for me on characters but unfortunately that costs money which I just don’t have. As for the GN maybe once I get some of the various bio stories done up as short stories and the novel done I can see about doing a kickstarter for the GN versions but they too take money up front that I don’t have unfortunately. I do have some descriptions about some of the worlds these characters come from that I plan on adding sometime soon to the site.

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