Welcome back, everyone, to yet another wrestling blog! If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a peek at our theory blog HERE of what’s going to be happening with the Elite, Adam Page, Cody, and more going forward in AEW. We touch upon quite a bit in the blog, and it was a lot of fun to write, so I hope you all enjoy it. This one’s going to be short and sweet in comparison as I am going to make my predictions for the All Out Pay-Per-View that’s tomorrow night and just a quick little blurb on why I think each thing is going to happen. Still, I’m not going to go totally in-depth on it because, honestly, this is about the predictions and not trying to examine every little minutia of wrestling booking and how it may affect the show tomorrow. So let’s just jump right into it.

So first, we get to the Pre-show that they always call the Buy-In due to the whole Vegas deal they have going on with the names of the first PPV they had and then the first official PPV they had. This has one match on it, it seems. While a lot of people are complaining that it’s on the pre-show, it actually makes sense to be there as it has been reported that this will be a cinematic match and AEW put it preshow as they do not feel that it is fair to the live audience in attendance to make them watch the match on the screens during the time they paid to be watching wrestling live. I totally agree. So…


Tooth and Nail match.

My prediction is Big Swole as the winner. We don’t know what a Tooth and Nail match is, but it takes place at Britt’s workplace. I know a lot of people say Britt will win, but here’s my thing. Is Britt clear to wrestle a lot more, or will she still be on the shelf for a bit because she’s only ok and not 100%? They want a payoff for all the story that’s been done for this, which makes sense, but if Britt wins, I think she needs to be back full time, and since I don’t know how she is, I don’t know if she’s ready for that. So my thinking is Rebel will get involved somehow, seeing as she is Britt’s “assistant,” and it goes either one of two ways. Either Rebel accidentally makes Britt lose because they have had her kind of be a bit bumbling in how she does stuff OR Rebel shows her true colors being fed up with Britt getting her name wrong and being a bitch to her and just says Fuck this and causes Britt to lose on purpose. This can still make Britt look strong in defeat, which AEW is good at but can also continue the feud out further and set up another feud with Rebel later down the line. This can also explain why Britt may be off TV more if she isn’t fully healed by saying she got hurt more in the match.

Main Show-

21 Man Battle Royal

The winner gets an AEW Title Shot at a later date.

This match has way too many people to predict correctly, but I’m going to do my best. To make it even worse, they have one person that’s to be determined, so that’s a huge wild card. Last time it was Brian Cage who went on to win the whole thing. I don’t see them using this the same way twice in a row but I do see them introducing a new hire through it to shock the audience and create a buzz but I don’t see them making this new person win right away like they did Cage because that’s what they did last time. SO my prediction is that it will be Sean Spears for the win, and for the deep dive into why, see this blog HERE!

8-Man Tag Match

In this match, we see the Dark Order comprised of Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Stu Grayson, and Evil Uno against the Natural Nightmares (Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshal), Matt Cardona, and Scorpio Sky. I think the Dark Order needs to come out on top in this one. With how decisively Brodie Lee took down Cody it would kill their momentum fully, like dead stop if the Nightmare Family and Friends got in a win here. I can see a good fight being put up by Nightmare & Co, but I don’t see them winning this. I think Cabana will play a huge part in this and finally become full Dark Order maybe even switching to one of his older names of Goldman that has been teased in BTE which is Scotty Goldman or maybe Scott Goldman. Whatever happens, I don’t see Dark Order not winning this.

Tag Team Match

I see Young bucks pulling out a win here but not clean. I’m seeing something happen to show a darker side of the Bucks. I see a leaning towards the heel side against this uber face team that is so over with the crowd it’s amazing. For more insight as to why I think Bucks as heels check out this blog HERE. I think the Bucks will win but again I think there’s going to be a moral cost to this one that some fans may not like.

Broken Rules Match

Now I’m not quite sure what a Broken Rules match fully entails. One thing we do know is that one stipulation is that if Sammy wins Matt Hardy leaves AEW. This match is one I am very divided on. I can see this going either way for several reasons. I can see Sammy lose it due to having heat on how he injured Matt. I can see Matt winning it due to how he said he left WWE because he wanted to be sure to wrestle while he still can. At the same time, Sammy is very over, even after the shit hit the fan during the #SpeakingOut movement people were still behind Sammy. He’s one of the faves of many in the Inner Circle. It’s obvious AEW believes in him too otherwise he most likely would be gone between the Speaking Out stuff and the Chair accident. So perhaps he could win because Matt and Reby decide maybe it is time for him to do more stuff behind the scenes. Or as WrestleTalk said, maybe Matt loses and goes away for a little bit, gets fully better from that chair shot and recent harsh spots, and then comes back with a new different Matt Hardy. WWE has done stuff like that a lot of times but then again AEW has been trying to stand out from WWE, so I’m going to say that Matt Hardy picks up the win, but it wouldn’t shock me if it went the other way too. This is a hard one to pick.

AEW Women’s Championship Match

So this one has an interesting conundrum. Is this just an exhibition match because Thunder Rosa is an NWA talent and in fact is the NWA Women’s Champion,, and therefore there’s no way she would be allowed to win the AEW Title? See here’s where I’m going to say that while this might have been the case before everything is up in the air now. You see NWA hasn’t been having shows lately due to COVID. As far as I know (I could be wrong) The only shows NWA has is Powerr on YouTube which is a lot like AEW Dark. The last show they did was 3 months back and then before that was 6 months back. Also, Nick Aldis has a working relationship with Cody and the Bucks from All In. Marty Scurll is in both NWA and RoH and is a head booker in RoH,, and NWA works close with RoH, so it’s possible Scurll could be some sort of go-between here to help get NWA people some jobs during the Pandemic in certain places where he has connections. Also Ricky Starks is ex-NWA, Cabana has NWA ties. So there is a possibility that NWA and AEW have some sort of working relationship going that they just haven’t announced yet, it really wouldn’t surprise me. So what I predict here is that AEW, in the hopes of putting a shot of adrenaline into the women’s division that a lot of people are complaining about to show that they are listening to fans will allow Thunder Rosa to win, which will set up an ongoing feud for a little while where Shida is trying to get the belt back, Thunder Rosa may even be signed to AEW and NWA both during this time.

Mimosa Mayhem Match

Jericho has been known for having a “Little bit of the bubbly” and Orange Cassidy…well in the indies he used Orange juice like the Green Mist and he also dumped a ton of it on Jericho one night in AEW. What do you get when you mix the Bubbly with Orange Juice? A Mimosa. What do you get when you mix a shit ton of this stuff together a Mimosa bathtub! What does this have to do with these wrestlers and this PPV? Welp Jericho has one win over Cassidy and Cassidy has one win over Jericho so this is the Rubber Match to see who the ultimate winner in this feud is. Will this end the feud….who knows….will it be fun to watch…most likely….will someone be drowned in Mimosa? Yup because that’s how you have to win this match. I predict Jericho will majorly put over Cassidy here and be swimming in the Mimosa Tub that his twisted mind created. Cassidy for the win but I do think some outside Inner Circle shenanigans should be expected but maybe with some saves from the Best Friends (assuming that this takes place after the battle royale and they can still make it out after that match.)

Tag Team Championship Match

If you’ve read the blog that I’ve linked to several times already then you know what I’m gonna say here. If you haven’t read it yet then stop dicking around and get over there at this LINK! The short of it is #FTR is #FTW (and no, that is NOT Taz’s version of FTW). I see FTR winning the titles either due to Young Bucks screwing over Hangman or Kenny turning on Hangman. By the end of the match, FTR are the champions and Kenny has started down the path to becoming the Cleaner once more.

And now we get to the final match. This one is a tough one to call but I’m gonna do my best. I know what I want to happen but I also know what my fan theory from the other page says needs to happen. The question is if they are following what I am thinking, will they do it here or will they do it later? So last but certainly not least…

World Title Match- Paradigm Shift has been banned

So, what I would like to happen is I would like to see Moxley retain here. This is a big stage and I’m not sure I want to see him lose it here. However, we have 8 months to get to where I think AEW may want to go with a feud to build the new Horseman Faction (See Theory blog HERE for the in-depth idea). So, the question becomes, how long do they want MJF to hold the title, and also how long will Cody be out for? So far, they say Cody will most likely be out a few months, maybe as long as 3 or 4 just from what I’ve been hearing and reading. So, based on that time table I’m thinking Mox will keep the belt for now but I think MJF will get it on the next PPV which should be Full Gear sometime before Double or Nothing of next year. So, for tonight I am gonna go with Mox for the win.

And that wraps up the predictions for this major AEW event.  What are your thoughts about what will happen during All Out 2020? Do you agree with the predictions made here? Do you have some predictions of your own?  If you are reading this after the event were there any surprises that you didn’t see coming? Sound off in the comments and let us know your prediction or reaction to All Out 2020!


Britt Baker vs Big Swole is now on the main card not the pre-show. Now on the pre-show is Private Party vs Dark Order members John Silver and Alex Reynolds.

Tag Team Match

Now while I have said that in the other match Dark Order will win in this case I have to go for Private Party. Private Party has been booked strongly in most matches whereas Reynolds and Silver have been booked as the being the lesser members of the Dark Order that tend to take the falls. Personally I love Reynolds and Silver and think they are very talented so I would love to see them win here (especially since they finally are named as part of the Dark Order on the roster….like to believe I had a hand in that….it’s a nice fantasy) but I’m doing predictions on what I think the AEW booking will be and not what I want to see so I’m gonna say Private Party wins here and Brodie Lee throws papers at Silver on BTE (or lets Uno try to do it).