ATG Top 10: More Beautiful X-Men Women Who Kick Ass

Welcome to the All Things Geek Top 10 lists. Click on the banner above to be taken to our facebook group where you can get all of our updates! This is Kevin Coryell and I’ll be taking over this list from Amanda Gayle to talk about the Top 10 Beautiful X-Men Women that could kick your ass. This list is going to be subtitled “The Usual Suspects” because this is going to be a list that holds X-Men characters that most people would probably expect to see on a list like this, unlike the first list that held some of the not so common names and characters to show up even if they are well-known names. So let’s jump right into this and see who we picked as the top beauties in the X-Men!

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The first X-Man we chose can literally be anyone’s dream girl as she is the shapeshifter Mystique. She is the mother to Rogue and Nightcrawler and can become anyone she wants at the merest thought. Raven has been a lover to Wolverine as well as others throughout the years and has ping-ponged between being a hero and a villain. During the Warzones/Battleworld storyline, she was actually the leader of the Marvel Zombies area of Battlworld leading a group of Zombies in eating Deadpool’s brain each day with a spork I think it was so that they wouldn’t infect him and thus have a never-ending supply of food. To be quite honest, if I could have any one power the whole shape-shifting thing of Mystiques would be tied for first place with a healing factor. It might win out however as most shapeshifters have a healing factor most likely because they have such delicate controls over every little bit of their bodies and biologies. Shape changing has a tendency in media to heal someone of wounds.

I can hear you now internet “Why did you put Dazzler on this list?” “OMG why would you pick her?” It’s simple because ever since she came into the X-Men I thought she was a very beautiful character. Now granted her first costume and the makeup wasn’t the greatest and her look in A-Force kinda left much to be desired. However, during the X-Men’s time in Australia when she was with Longshot I thought she was very beautiful. Also, I can see how her power could easily be used to make her look even more beautiful and thus “dazzle” someone or be used to devastating effect as a laser or the flash portion of a flashbang. I also loved the fact that Dazzler was a singer as I have always been and still am a huge music lover myself. I was in Chorus as a kid in school and was one of those that dreamed of one day being a singer in a band. Unfortunately for me, Asthma and bad GERD kinda killed that dream, but I still love belting out a tune now and then and as such, I always feel a deep kinship with other singers.

The on again off again child of Magneto. Green haired and beautiful this mistress of magnetism is also the on again off again girlfriend of Alex Summers AKA Havok. Honestly, I feel sorry for Lorna with how many times she has been retconned to being Magneto’s kid then that being wrong then no it was right. Right now she is treating Magneto as her father so I guess that’s what they are going to go with for a while. Lorna was a main character in the X-Men based TV show known as “The Gifted” going from hero of the mutant underground to reluctant villain and back to Hero. In the comics, Lorna was mostly a hero though there is a bit of time when she was a baddie when she was possessed by the villain known as Malice and became one of the Marauders because of it. One of the things I always thought was beautiful about her was her long green hair that marked her as being a mutant. Normally, I’m not one for the odd hair colors like that though to be honest thanks to Anime I have been liking it more and moreover the years but even as a kid for some reason I loved it for her. While she is not as powerful as her father she is very much a force to be reckoned with.

Rogue is on this because she is always a very lovely character and has been the subject of many a sexy cosplay. She is one character that can be sexy as hell without ever showing a scrap of skin other than her face which takes a bit of skill from the artist or cosplayer to pull off. While all of this is true, one of my favorite looks for her was when she was trapped in the Savage Land with Magneto and I don’t remember why but she didn’t have her powers working. She went native and did this whole like female Tarzan Shana the She-Devil type of outfit and she was sexy as hell in a hide bikini! Rogue is also certainly a lady that can kick anyone’s ass. Her power saps people of their life force and memories and lets Rogue steal their powers for a time. Her simplest touch could knock you on your ass. To make matters even worse, if you were to face off against her she has super strength, invulnerability, and flight thanks to draining Captain Marvel’s powers at one point. She had held onto Carol Danvers so long though that she permanently gained her powers while almost killing Carol.

Emma Frost is one sexy woman who knows just how amazing she looks. Always flaunting her looks in skin-tight outfits or white leather bikini’s and looking like a goddess out of a BDSM dream come true Emma has been both a villain as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and a hero as one of the X-Men and a teacher of the Generation X team of new mutants. Emma Frost is one of the few mutants to have a secondary mutation. Her first mutation is that she is a Telepath that can read minds and control minds. Unlike many other Telepaths, she does not have Telekinesis as well. However, what she does have is the ability to change herself into a diamond form almost the way Colossus turns into Organic Steel. The one drawback of her ability to turn to Diamond is that while in that form she loses the ability to read and control minds. Even though Emma has been a lover of Scott Summers over the years lately and has been one of the good guys she still has a bit of an evil streak within her.

Storm was known in Africa as a goddess of the weather, and if you went by looks alone her beautiful black skin and pure white hair would probably tempt you to agree that she was indeed a goddess. Once you see her whip up a hurricane or blizzard out of nowhere however all doubts would probably fade as to her divinity. However, Storm is just a mutant and not a goddess. Her power lets her control the weather and fly using the winds to hold her aloft. Both her classic look and the time period where she went dark punk in her looks were great looks for her. As far as kicking your ass, well let’s just say the power of Storm is not to be trifled with or you might find a lightning bolt hitting you where the sun doesn’t shine!

Psylocke is as interesting a character as she is beautiful. She comes from a family of powerhouses as one of her brothers is an insane villain who can manipulate reality by pulling on the very strings that bind everything and thus control things like a puppet master would. Her other brother Brian, while not a mutant like Betsy and Jamie, was also a super-powered hero as he was once part of the Captain Britain Corps and was the Captain Britain protecting England of Earth 616. Nowadays however Betsy is taking over that mantle of Captain Britain in the new Excalibur books that are about to start with the new Dawn of X-Men storylines. Betsy is a powerful Telepath who can create a psionic sword or dagger that will scramble anyone’s brains and put them out of a fight for a while. Betsy is also a trained Ninja so she can beat the shit out of people easily. Betsy was a beautiful woman when she was first introduced to the X-Men. She was british and had lovely long black hair and a lovely body which she unfortunately kept covered by a bulky armor and cloak. However after the X-Men were scattered thanks to the Siege Perilous she was transformed by Spirals body shop into an Asian Assassin with a body that was as killer as her skills.

Rachel is one of my two favorite redheads from the X-Men. Daughter from an alternate future of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. I have to admit I have always had a weakness for redheads and in comics, especially those of the Grey family line. Rachel I think has always been my favorite of them all though. I loved seeing her back in the day when she squared off against Ahab in Days of Future Present and I think she just ramped up everything when she went into Excalibur. She is one beauty that can certainly kick anyone’s ass with the power of the Phoenix at her command. At one point it was revealed that Rachel was Mother Askani the one who sent Sister ASkani back in time to collect Nathan Summers when Apocalypse infected him with a Techno-Organic Virus. Rachel is now a part of the X-Men in the present days again and goes by the name Prestige. She even was dating Nightcrawler for a bit.

One of the best known women in the X-Men. Jean is the mother of Rachel Summers in an alternate timeline and technically the mother of Nathan Summers as his real mother Maddy was cloned from Jean. Jean had been taken to the future by Rachel along with her husband at the time Cyclops to raise Nathan. Jean is the first one that was introduced into the world of Marvel Comics to be the host of the Phoenix Force and is also the one who became Dark Phoenix. The Phoenix/Dark Phoenix story being one of the most beloved and revered in the whole of the X-Men history. Jean was a founding member of the X-Men as Marvel Girl and one of the founding members of X-Factor. She has died several times in the pages of the X-Men but thankfully as she is one of my favorites she has been brought back time and time again. As Phoenix Jean could take out just about any opponent as she was able to take out suns and destroy

Laura is the beautiful clone of Wolverine. She was the 23rd one created hence her original name/call sign X-23. She was created to be a perfect assassin and a stone cold killer. Once she got to the X-Men Wolverine pushed to keep her off of X-Force and away from killing but Cyclops put her on the team anyway. After Logan dies for a while, X-23 becomes the new Wolverine wearing a costume that reflects Logans trademark look. While Laura is a clone of Wolverine she was also cloned in turn so we have a nice tangled web of a cloned family tree. Laura has Wolverine’s healing factor and claws though she only has 2 claws on her hands with a third coming out of the top of each foot. If you thought Wolverine was dangerous imagine this lovely lady with his claws, healing factor and no remorse or emotion coming after you!

My absolute favorite X-Men woman ever since I was a kid and still to this day is Katheryn Pryde. Kitty was first known as Sprite which honestly I think was a terrible code name for her and I love Shadowcat so much more. I enjoy how she is both a mutant but also jewish which has actually come up in story many times. I especially enjoyed it back in the day when she went up against Dracula and while the cross didn’t work the Star of David she wore on a necklace did. I think one of the reasons I love Kitty so much is that when I started reading the X-Men comics she would have been about the same age as me. One thing that I was just recently thinking of though is that I used to love the idea of Kitty and Colossus hooking up because I know Kitty always had a crush on him. I was kinda heartbroken when Marvel announced their wedding and then did a swerve away from it last moment. However, now that I’m looking at some older comics on ComiXology I’m finding it a little creepy that even back in the day Colossus had a huge crush on her as well. Back then it would have been statutory rape if they got together but during Secret Wars Colossus was seen thinking about how he may not be able to get back to her and not be able to do what he planned withher when she was old enough! Kinda creepy seeing that if you ask me. Kitty has been a major player in the X-Men for many years now even leading one of the newer teams and running the school. She was also a founding member of Excalibur. Kitty’s power is two fold. Her main power is that she has the ability to become intangible which lets her phase through solid objects and even walk on air. This power has a secondary effect though that if she were to phase through a machine it will short circuit it. Kitty is able to make others phase with her. While one may not think that her power is awfully good at kicking ass it was just shown in the first issue of Marauders how devastating it can be when she phased a gun into the legs of two army men and then let it solidify inside them probably maiming them for life. Now imagine if she dropped someone half in a wall or the ground. All of this can easily be done by her without anyone ever being able to retaliate and hit her in return. It is just good for the bad guys that Kitty is such a sweetheart. My only problem with Kitty right now is that she now leads a band of X-Men that she is calling the Marauders. Personally I think this is a very heartless move by the writing teams at Marvel. I realize the name fits the whole Pirate theme that the comic has right now however considering the Marauders were huge enemies of the X-Men and were responsible for the Mutant Massacre of the Morlocks I just don’t think the name is a good look for Kitty or any of the X-Men to co-opt.

So what do you think of our list? Do you think anyone we picked shouldn’t be in it or that we missed someone who should be in it? Who are some of the X-Men you think are the most beautiful if they aren’t on this list? Sound off below with your comments!

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