ATG Top 10: Disney+ Shows I’m Most Looking Forward To!

So in about 6 days of the time I’m writing this, Disney+ will start streaming. For those of you who don’t know the date that’s on November the 12th. I’m sure if you’re reading this you should know what Disney+ is but just in case you have been hiding under a rock I’ll fill you in. Disney+ is a new streaming service being released that will basically house everything Disney including shows, movies, cartoons, old made for TV movies. Basically, everything Disney is coming to your TV on demand but it’s not just that. All things Star Wars and Marvel and Lucasfilm and even some Fox products will be on this service. Disney+ will also be showing National Geographic programs and will be bringing some original Star Wars and Marvel TV series to us as well. All of this will be for the low price of $6.99 a month or a year for $69.99. So what we will be exploring below is what the Top 10 things my family is looking forward to seeing once this comes out. I’m Kathryn Asano and I have hijacked this All Things Geek Top 10!

10- Treasure Planet

My hubby Kenny gets the first show on this list. I would like to see this again but this is his #1 pick. I do remember enjoying this back in the day but it’s been a long time since I saw it so it’s not top on my list. Hubby says its the combination of fun story, delightful characters, good comedy, and vivid designs that make this a favorite of his. He is totally onboard with the cult following who feel this is one of the most under-rated Disney movies out there. We both hope our kiddo enjoys this, but if not, this is still one Kenny will be watching within the first few days.

9- Mr. Boogedy

This little known show was one that went to T back when I was a little kid and Disney had the weekly weekend movies if I remember correctly. Not sure if it was one of the Wonderful World of Disney ones or one of their other branded weekend shows they did. What I do remember is that this thing both entertained me and freaked me out. This is probably one of the first things that brought me into the world of the horror genre and while it may just be cheesy to most people for a kid it was scary. I have mentioned this to many people and I usually get blank stares in return so it will be nice being able to check out this old movie though this will certainly be one to watch when Kiddo goes to bed!

8- Tailspin

Balloo the bear has always been a favorite character of mine whether it was in Jungle Book, Tailspin or his look-alike in Robin Hood playing Little John (Same voice actors in both movies). So it’s no surprise that this Disney show that takes the loveable animal characters from Jungle Book and makes them even more Anthropomorphic and set them in a hidden tropical paradise was one I enjoyed watching quite a bit. The place they lived in was like a mixture of New York big city feel mixed with a Tropical Island Paradise setting like Hawaii or Bermuda. Balloo was a Pilot that made deliveries around the islands nearby if I remember correctly, Sheer Khan was a Millionaire evil tycoon and Cousin Louie ran the neighborhood tiki bar type place. It was just a really fun show as Balloo tried to stay one step ahead of the local air pirates that tried to chase him down. They also had a cool little kid bear who had a metal folding fan type thing that let him ride behind Balloo’s plane the way someone else may water ski.

7- Gargoyles

Probably the first dark cartoon for Disney weekly cartoons Gargoyles was an awesome Urban Fantasy cartoon that is beloved to this day. A ton of Star Trek Alumni lent their voice talents to this show where a group of Gargoyles came back to life at night in a present-day city. My only fear with this one is it may be a bit too dark for my son. With having Autism he is very sensitive when it comes to darker themes so this may be a bit too scary for him.

6- The Little Mermaid

One of my childhood favorites, however, Kevin and I were having a discussion the other week as we listened to the Classic Disney CD’s that he got his kiddo for his birthday that some of these songs do not stand up as well in this day of #MeToo as it did back in the day. Sebastion singing to not say anything but just ‘Kiss the Girl’ certainly doesn’t fly anymore. I mean after all, while Ariel couldn’t speak Prince Eric still could and it never hurts to ask permission for a kiss. However, even with that new light on the story, ‘Kiss the Girl’ is still one of my favorite songs to sing along with in this movie.

5- Aladdin

One of my all-time favorite cartoons to have Robin Williams in it. He WAS Genie and Disney made a huge mistake recasting him in the second movie. I was happy when he came back for the 3rd. This has some of my favorite Disney songs from my childhood in it and I can’t wait to have a sing-along with my son. He already loves some of the songs so the movie will likely be a big hit with him as well. I know there will be good times ahead and I am very excited about this movie being available! 

4- Adventures of the Gummi Bears

A very interesting cartoon with a kid that reminded me of the kid in Disney’s The Sword in the Stone. This also kinda had a bit of a Smurfs vibe to it as it had a mystical creature in the main character positions in this cartoon. These were Anthropomorphic bears that wore clothes and they cooked up what was called Gummi Berry Juice which made these little bears bounce like Super Balls. If I remember correctly if humans drank the juice it gave them super strength for a limited time. It was a very fun cartoon and one I am looking forward to introducing my kiddo to.

3- Miscellaneous Marvel TV shows

So this is not a single show but a whole series of shows. I have been a HUGE fan of all things Marvel through the years and the MCU is just a gem that keeps on giving. Even those things that aren’t the greatest are still a step above what many competitors have been putting into the theatres for a while now. So I am really looking forward to the shows like Loki, WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, What If?, She Hulk and Ms Marvel. I think they have a great vessel in Disney+ to keep putting out MCU quality shows that will lead into the next phases big movie experiences.

2- The Mandalorian

Ever since Bobba Fett made his way into the Star Wars movies the culture known as the Mandalorians have been a huge mainly unknown faction in the Star Wars universe and yet the members of said culture tend to be soem of the Fan favorites. This has been true to me especially with how much of a fan I am of the Republic Commando books and the look into Mando culture they showed in that series. I truly hope that they use a lot of the mythos set up in those books in this new show that follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter. I believe this is supposed to take place in the Outer Rim worlds shortly after Return of the Jedi and Palpatine’s Death. I also love the fact that when the show needed extra Storm Troopers they called in the local 501st division and gave them a shot in the show. I have a huge respect for the 501st and what they do and I know Kevin would LOVE to join them one day.

1- DuckTales

One of my all-time favorite shows has got to be Duck Tales. So many great characters in this show and the birthplace of DarkWing Duck and RoboDuck. Launchpad McQuack was one of my favorite characters to laugh at. I was so happy to see that they were reviving the show recently and I wanted to show it to my son…that is until I saw the graphics they are using now. This is actually a huge pet peeve of mine and I plan on making a Kittens Rant post about this soon. But in regards to Disney+ I can’t wait to introduce my kiddo to this classic awesome cartoon.

So what do you think about our top ten list? What things are you most looking forward to when it comes to all the delightful treasures being collected for us? Sound off below and tell us!

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