So welcome back everyone we are back with yet another Game Review! This time we have for you a game that was very greatly anticipated and came with some high hopes. It just came out from Bioware but at the same time, it kinda scared some people because it is an EA game and we all know how EA dropped the ball with Star Wars Battlefront. So how did they do with the game we bring to you today? Did the highly anticipated Anthem come out with flying colors or did it dive bomb horribly? I will be looking at this game giving you my first review and a first look at some of the gameplay and other parts of the game.

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So as I said before what we have here is Anthem which came out on February 22nd of 2019. We were one of the people that got to play the closed Alpha when it came out and that small taste made it where I truly wanted to play this game. I mean I was already looking forward to it as it was a game that basically lets you become Iron Man on an alien planet! And let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to play out something like that in a game?

To start with let’s look at the graphics. About a year ago we started playing Monster Hunter World and thought that was absolutely gorgeous…Anthem, however, is several steps above MHW and is simply breathtaking. Here we will put a small gallery of some of our favorite pictures we have taken from the game for your enjoyment.

Now onto the Armors which in this game are known as Javelins. You as a Freelancer (basically a monster killing mercenary) put on the Javelins a lot like how Iron Man does in the MCU and Comics. In fact, the opening armor you play in which is a Ranger Class looks very much like Iron Man. After playing this and starting with a different class, and now unlocking the newer Ranger at level 16, I would really advise you to unlock this first as it is a good first suit but in my opinion, the other suits are a bit more fun when you get to higher levels. Right now I’m not sure how much I’ll be using the Ranger until later to try and upgrade it, whereas I would have loved it if I had unlocked it first. The Ranger has a grenade it throws as well as a missile launcher of a type. It’s ultimate is a swarm of mini-missiles that seek out multiple targets in an area.

However, I had unlocked the Storm as my first suit which is basically a mage class of armor. The Storm somehow for Tech unlocks things like Lightning Strikes, Ice Storms, and Fireballs. This armor is a lot of fun and does some major AOE damage from afar. I have had a lot of fun seeing the huge lightning bolt fall and flying around the enemies when it hits. The Ultimate for this armor sees an Ice Storm freezing enemies followed by a huge Lightning Strike and then followed by basically a giant boulder dropping on everyone and you get 3 strikes with this insane weapon!

The second armor I unlocked was the Colossus! This is great for you gamers that love the tank mentality of just wading into the thick of battle and absorbing hits for your team. It doesn’t dodge like other suits but instead unleashes a giant shield that you can block damage with or use as a weapon to bash your enemies. You start out with a Rocket and a Mortar Launcher on your suit as weapons and an Ultimate that is a Railgun that basically fires a mini-nuke at your enemies. It’s on a timer so you get 3 or 4 shots if you fire them swiftly. Right now I am in love with the Colossus as I have replaced the rocket with a flamethrower and replaced the mortar with something called a Lightning Coil. The lightning coil can be used with your shield and is basically a shoulder mounted tesla coil taser that takes out enemies close by pretty nicely. Looks wise this suit reminds me of the Iron Man HulkBuster armor.

The last armor is the Interceptor armor and I really can’t tell you much about this armor other than it is a swift scouting armor. I still need to gain about 10 more levels or so before I can unlock my last armor. So I will do an update blog once I have unlocked that to let you know how that one handles. Sorry, guys- I have been playing this game a lot but I do try to have a life still outside my gaming so I am not quite there just yet LOL!

The Forge is in the city of Fort Tarsis. This is where you create the look for your Javelins and also go and arrange what weapons and such you would like to use with your suits. You will spend a lot of time in here as after every mission you’ll want to check and see if you can upgrade a weapon or armor component to make yourself stronger.

Fort Tarsis itself is filled with people to talk to to get interesting stories and missions from. It’s good to just wander the fort and see who all you can talk to. There are also a ton of things you can pick up that fill in pieces of the life and story of the fort so look at EVERYTHING to see what you can pick up!

To be honest, I have heard a lot of flak about this game. But then playing it I want to ask what game these people have been playing because honestly, I have been loving it and I am thinking some people are bitching just because they can and are harping on every little issue. I have been enjoying every little bit of this game- even the slightly annoying aspects here and there end up being fun in their own challenging way. It has made me happy, it has made me laugh, and certain pieces have even made me curse at the game through a storyline curveball that made me want to kill one of the NPC’s! Normally a game won’t get me this involved in a storyline but I’m engrossed in it. It is a very rich world with lots to learn about it. To be honest, I really want to do up some good fanfics for this one eventually. Yes, there is that much backstory and interesting tidbits in this game!

Have you guys played this yet and if so what are your thoughts on it? Sound off below and let us know if you want to get this one or what your favorite Javelin might be. Also, remember the more friends you add the better coins you get at the end of each week so feel free to add us on Playstation Network with the name XyanyaVieme. We hope to hear from you here on this post and in game!

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