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So we already did a review on House of X but this past week we got House of X #5 out of the 6 and I have to put a little aside here at the major bombshell they dropped before I get to the main review for the first 4 issues of Powers of X that I have read so far. Basically, when I wrote the House of X review I had only read the first 4 and if you remember correctly I was all “OMG they killed off a slew of MAJOR X-Men characters! How are they gonna be bringing them back for the new series that start in October that shows these characters as being in them?” Well, #5 has addressed and solved that issue in a way I NEVER would have seen coming in a million years!

So basically, the mutant you may know from some X-Men books and from going to school with Miles Morales code-named GoldBalls of all things has had a HUGE part in this new story. You see the mutant with the stupid power of just creating golden balls out of himself has gotten an upgrade to his powers. They have now retconned him so his powers are actually useful just not understood until they got to the new Krakoa nation. So it seems these golden balls were actually non-viable eggs. So yeah you’re probably saying huh right now but keep reading. They have basically been bringing all mutants to Krakoa good and evil alike. So now Proteus gets involved by using his reality-warping powers to make the non-viable eggs into viable eggs. In Powers of X, we see Xavier and Magneto go to Mister Sinister (presumably in the past I think) to get him to start collecting mutant DNA. This is something Sinister has been doing through all of X-Men history so I am assuming X0 timeline in Powers of X is the past (more on that below). Aaaaaanyway they then take some of the genetic code from Sinister and inject it into the now good eggs. They then have Elixer use his healing talent to basically force a cloning program to start in these eggs. They then have Hope Summers using her powers in conjunction with the ones already listed to basically refine and strengthen what they are doing.

Wow! Right? You still with me here? Anyway since House of X started Charles Xavier has been walking around looking a lot like the evil Reed Richards AKA the Maker but with a helmet on with a huge X on the front. It’s honestly a stupid as hell look but now it all makes sense as this is Cerebro or at least a portable version of it. Now Xavier ties into the cloning as it turns out he has been using Cerebro to not only find mutants all these years but to make backup copies of their memories. So once the eggs hatch Xavier taps into Cerebro’s most current memory file for the clone that hatched and shoots the memories into the clone thus completing a cycle that will revive any dead mutants to the state they were at when last their memories were backed up! So yeah we now have basically gotten to the point where as long as a certain group of mutants aren’t killed we can make Immortal X-Men.

This all culminated in a very creepy scene that was VERY cultish. In the scene, Storm is reintroducing the cloned mutants to the rest of the gathered Krakoa mutants that are on the island. She asks each one who they are and when they answer she asks how she can know its really them. They then tell her something personal between them and she announces to the audience that these are indeed her brother and sister mutants but most importantly they are mutants to which everyone in the crowd screams the word Mutant with her after each questioning. It seemed like a cult initiation ceremony or something as I read it and, to tell the truth even though this is a comic the scene made me feel a little uncomfortable about a group I always loved throughout my life as a comic reader. If this had been real life I would have been running for the hills if I had seen that!

Anyway, I have gone on long enough and to tell the truth this is getting out of control for a blog length already so just click the link below and you can go to the blog about Powers of X that this was supposed to be! I promise no more sidetracking once you get there.


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