ATG Comic Reviews: Despicable Deadpool #300

So this weekend we had a lot more than just one review during all the Doctors appointments in fact we had 3 of them. Things have been nice and hectic as you may have read in my last blog and so things are a little late this week. But as always I am pushing through to bring you guys the news about great new comics you may want to lay your hands on. In this case our next two reviews are from the awesome people at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Be sure to check them out on facebook at the linked banner above as they have a ton of events coming up with Hearthstone and Force of Will and many more things! Or if you just want to shop from home they have an online shop that is linked at the banner on the bottom! Beware though this first review is a bit spoilery but it’s hard to discuss without it in this case!


So our first one from Vibranium is the 300th issue of Deadpool. This issue is basically an ending to the Deadpool we have come to know and a restart to a brand new Merc with a Mouth… the question becomes what will Deadpool become from here on out? Will we see an Anti-Hero, a Villain, or a Hero once more?

So far we saw Deadpool try to become a good guy by joining the Avengers and even paying to finance a branch of the Avengers. He was the one who set the Unity Squad up with Steve Rogers and paid for the old Theater they all lived in. However I stopped following him and that’s where he went wrong again. It seems he followed the Wrong Captain America and is now charged with killing Phil Coulson in the Marvel Comics Universe (good thing the MCU doesn’t follow the 616 Storylines since Agents of Shield just got renewed for Season 6).

So now in issue 300 we find Deadpool for a page flash backing to a time in Knowhere (made famous in both the first GoTG Movie and Avengers: Infinity War). While in Knowhere, Deadpool picks up some sort of super weapon from a waitress alien and then heads back to Earth. It seems Deadpool has been trying to do some sort of punishment for killing Coulson and had put a price on his own head but the Villains weren’t able to do the job so now he was going to call in the Avengers. The only thing is Wade being who he is thought a good fight was needed so he doused himself in the super weapon from space and then called in his whereabouts to the Avengers.

Once the Avengers start showing hilarity ensues as the space weapon was a bio weapon that makes anyone who gets close to Deadpool puke. Normally I don’t find puke humor humorous as it just makes me feel nauseated however there was something with how outlandish they did this one that it had me laughing my ass off. For instance instead of the shit hitting the fan we had the puke hitting the spinning hammer as Thor puked….we had a giant man puke and even Ironman puking so much he got emergency ejected from his suit!

Deadpool escapes thanks to the puking and then heads out to an old false storefront where he used to be experimented on. The guy who used to harvest organs from him would then wipe his mind with a dose of a chemical. Deadpool takes ALL of the chemical that is left…his mind gets wiped basically completely and he spends months in a asylum until he finally breaks out knowing only that he is Deadpool. So with a mind wipe we have to ask, which Deadpool will he become from here on out? Will we have a happy go lucky hero Deadpool? Will he be the Merc with a mouth Despicable Deadpool? Will he be some sort of Quipping Punisher Anti-Hero Deadpool? The future of this character is wide open it seems so let’s see where it goes! Shout out below with what you think will happen to this character and let us know what your favorite version of Deadpool has been to date!

3 thoughts on “ATG Comic Reviews: Despicable Deadpool #300

  1. I didn’t know Deadpool is on issue #300. Is that right? I remember back when Spider-Man had his 300th issue and it was such an event. Is this some kind of numbering gimmick by Marvel? Sounds like this new storyline is a great way to open a new chapter in “The Merc with a Mouth’s” story, particularly for people who see a character in the movies and want to pick up a book without going into a continuity coma. One thing Marvel is notorious for is creating the illusion of change. Whether it’s old school things like the death of Phoenix (the first one), Spidey’s new costume, or Steve Rogers turning out to be a Nazi, Marvel sets up new life-changing events, but returns to the status quo 99% of the time.

    1. It is indeed a numbering gimmick! It’s part of the whole Marvel Legacy thing. Despicable Deadpool has no where near 300 issues however in Legacy numbering they are counting all the old Deadpool comics as being the same comic and adding them together. This “original” numbering was supposed to bring people back to the comics they loved instead of making them seem like something new after their reboot didn’t seem to work as much as they wanted after the newest Secret War.

  2. I am really amazed with Deadpool and how far the comics have come. I have yet to get this one and kind of just spoiled it for myself but I will still get it anyways. I like how well he is written. Like you mentioned, everything is fresh and opened so they can do so many different things here with him. I will have to come back after I read it myself to give you my take on what I think may happen next.

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