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So this second comic is Spawn #299 which was created by legendary Todd McFarlane. This comic is leading up to a massive 300th issue that promises to have a ton of action. A lot of interesting things have happened in this issue. I, unfortunately, have not kept up with the Spawn comics over the years but I have always loved them when I’ve picked them up and this time was no different. Now I have to admit that a lot has changed over the years, Spawn has a much different look kinda more Venom Symbiote look to the face kinda and now it seems like a ton of people know he was Al Simmons in life. Spawn also seems to have some friends who want to help him in his battles which is a lot different from what I remember back in like 1995 when I used to read it. I was kinda shocked to see that someone had finally killed Spawn’s old wife from when he was alive and yeah that didn’t go over well with him. There was also a moment in this book where Angels and Demons have gotten together to try and defeat Spawn…kinda shocking there. Spawn has also done something to destabilize the world’s governments it seems though that was in the last few comics so I’m not sure on the full extent of that but it seems that this is playing right into the hands of the demons possibly. I am certainly interested to see what Issue #300 has in store for us for the continuing story.

Art wise I love this comic, I have always loved this comic’s art and it has yet to let me down that I can think of. Spawn is one of those that I can forgive having a crappy story here and there just because I love the art so much.

Taking everything into account, I wholeheartedly suggest getting this comic. I will always suggest this comic for people who like darker stories or anti-hero types of superheroes. Spawn has always been a gem and until they start failing us I’ll be standing behind them!

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