ATG Comic Reviews: Alien 3- The Unproduced Script

Hey there everyone and welcome back to All Things Geek Comic reviews! This week we have 2 great comics we will be reviewing for you. The first one comes to us from our good friends at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Be sure to check out their facebook page linked below to find out about all of their awesome Black Friday events coming up this next week and any other Thanksgiving goodies they may have going on! So no real big involved stories about my week this time since things have been relatively quiet…got my chemo pills and will be starting them either Sunday  or Monday but otherwise quiet. So let’s just go and jump right into the review.

This week we got a new comic from Vibranium that touches upon an old and beloved subject for me, the Alien Franchise of movies! Austin gave me this comic and said “Just so you know I know you’ll IM me telling me I suck and such and to be put on the list for this…just warning you.” And indeed I did go and IM him telling him just that because what we have this week is Aliens 3. But wait you say Aliens 3 was a movie a long time ago so why are they making it into a comic now and didn’t they most likely do a movie adaptation comic when the movie came out? Yes indeed they did make a movie adaptation back in 1992 when the movie came out however what we have here in 2018, a whopping 26 years later, is a comic that is being done off of the original unproduced movie script.

So it seems before the movie that came out was made there was another script for Aliens 3 and it wasn’t the one that was gone with and so now they are making a comic adaptation out of that. Now Aliens 3 seems to be a weird sticking point for a lot of fans of the Alien franchise. I know a lot of people love it (me) but I also know it has since been heavily panned by many fans of the universe that was created in this franchise and a lot of people would like to see the universe rebooted in a way that picks up after Aliens (the second in the series for those not familiar with this series naming conventions.) Personally I am a fan of the 3rd movie and think that if any rebooting needs to be done it should take place after Aliens 3 and not take Alien Resurrection into account as that was was crap….fun to watch but the joke of a military guy who commanded the space station ruined a lot of the film for me as di the return of Ripley in clone form. Oh yeah spoilers for Alien Resurrection there but if you haven’t seen it yet then too damned bad!

So anyway this comic starts off seeing the ship from Aliens with Ripley, Newt the android and the marine whose name I can’t remember off hand going through space and having a “navigation malfunction” which takes them through an area of space that is controlled by the enemies of the government in charge in the Alien franchise that Weyland Yutani Corp works for. This is a communist government from the looks of things and the whole thing has a very much cold war vibe to it. This rival government sends out a shuttle to intercept the spaceship. On the ship the “invaders” find a cut in half android which they take the top half of it looked like to try and get information from it. They also find one of the stasis pods to be malfunctioning and when one of the guys in the group opens it they find an Alien egg protruding from the marines abdomen.

Of course if you have seen the previous movies you can guess what happens from there, that’s right a facehugger leaps from the egg to destroy the guy’s spacesuit helmet and attach to him to lay the alien eggs. This leads to some fires and a lot of trouble and the people all bug out as fast as they can except for the one with the facehugger who as one person puts it “wouldn’t be able to make it past quarantine with that thing on his face anyway!”

From this point, the ship moves back into allied territory where it is picked up and diverted to a space station where they are directed to do a sweep for biological contaminants. Now, of course, the government has a couple of their own people there against the rules set forth by an agreement they have with the enemy government. Of course these guys also don’t tell the scientists what they may be looking for (yeah that’s going to end well for everyone I’m sure). At the same time the other government is pulling info from the android and asking their people what they saw comparing the aliens to what is in the android’s memory banks. Things end as they find the pod with Newt and Ripley wakes up jumping to Newts defense just to be tranqed.

This comic is far and away different from the movie we got and it really interests me to see how the whole cold war feel to this will play out. Now I know the people didn’t take their infected guy back but I wonder if they ended up with any hitchhikers anyway and if this could create a war between the two governments. It was revealed that the “malfunction” was a fake to reroute it through enemy territory on purpose in the hopes that they would pick up the alien stowaway so does it do the damage they wanted or will it just end up biting their research team in the butt without damaging the enemy?

I can’t wait for the next issue so I can start to find out what’s next in this and in many ways I would have loved to see this one done up as a movie already from what I have seen. The big question becomes will I enjoy this comic more than the movie we ended up with in the end? What do you guys think of the Alien franchise? Where do you think it started going downhill? Aliens 3? Alien Resurrection? Or was it good for you until AVP? Or do you even like those and the new ones that have come out since? Sound off below to let us know! Also remember if you like our stuff and would like to support us or help donate to my cancer treatments feel free to drop by and drop us a donation and note of support!

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