ATG Comic Review: Wakanada Forever Spiderman #1

So here we are, back again and late again this week. I am super sorry for that- I had a ton of stuff ready to type up on Thursday and Friday of this past week with these comic review and then tragedy hit! My ‘A’ button on my keyboard decided not to work 90% of the time. You never realize how many A’s are used in the course of a blog until you don’t have any way to add them in! Anyway though, keyboard is seemingly fixed now and we are back with two reviews to bring to you from the good folks at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. We have one brand new comic from Marvel to deal with, which I will talk about first and then a comic thats a real Retro storyline reviving a franchise from the past (and when I say past I mean before my time past and I’m 40). Now, be sure to check out the facebook page of Vibranium comics which is linked above as they are going to be having some special 4th of July sales this week on Wednesday! Their website will be linked below.

The first issue we have this week from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala is a fun little cash grab from Marvel. While it was a fun action packed story I’m not sure whether or not I want to continue on with this series specifically because to me it sounds like a cash grab play. You see, this first Story is Wakanda Forever Spiderman. So why am I upset with this comic and call it a cash grab? Did it have good characters? Yup. Did it have a good story and good action? Sure did quite enjoyed it. How was the artwork? Artwork was fine and dandy and some of the best I’ve seen for a while I would even say, especially when they brought in Hydroman although Malika needed a bit of work as she was looking a bit crackhead speed addict-like. What we had here in this comic was a good solid #1 issue that had good action, had a good story and made sense as a team up between the one and only (ok maybe one out of 3) Spiderman and the Dora Milaje of Wakanda.

What I take issue with is that this is a one shot comic most likely. The way they left off this comic basically brings the team-up to a close and the next comic with the Dora Milaje is going to be Wakanada Forever X-Men #1. This to me screams cash grab. Everyone knows that 50 years down the line or so #1’s of the right comics tend to be worth a ton. RIght now after the Black Panther Movie made Billions Wakanda is an everyday name and is attracting all sorts of attention. This could have easily been called “The Adventures of the Dora Milaje” and have it like Strange Tales and such used to be where they had team ups each issue or hell just call it Wakanada Forever: Dora Milaje and then give it true numbering. Instead they will have a continuous storyline over at least 2 if not more #1 issues with various guest stars in the hopes more people will buy it because it is a Wakanda #1. While I understand this I personally think it is a crappy move on Mavels part to be displaying them this way and preying on the collectors. However I have to admit it was a solid comic and I loved every minute of it and would certainly recommend it to anyone thinking of buying it.

Sound off below…does sneaky numbering and things like that turn you off to a comic or do you not care as long as it gives you a good story?

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  1. As someone who vividly remembers the collectible craze of the early 90’s (holographic covers, die cut covers, metallic covers, etc. etc.), it’s difficult to remember too many compelling stories. Marvel went overboard trying to sell the covers and bags rather than what was inside the comic books. Eventually fans tired and business cooled down. However, the idea of having new #1’s hasn’t, and everyone is guilty of it. I think it’s a cheesy move, but as long as they sell, Marvel and DC will keep doing it.

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